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Week 35: My Weight Loss Journey Updade

Week 35: My Weight Loss Journey Updade

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Week 35 into her weight loss journey, Hele took a little break from TFR while guests were staying with her. But how did she do? Was she able to instil the new healthy habits she’s learned? Watch this week’s video and find out!

How my week went

I had originally thought I wouldn’t do a video this week, as I took a week off plan due to hosting guests. However, upon reflection, I realised that even though I wasn’t on TFR, this too is part of my journey.

With guests joining me for the week, I opted for a week off plan so that I wouldn’t have to worry about planning my meals or my usual routine interfering with our activities.

So I didn’t actually weigh myself this week, although I do feel that I’ve probably gained a little. In saying this, I’ve said this in the past and my weight remained the same, so who knows!

With my guests now away, I am now back on TFR and enjoying getting back to my usual routine. I like the safety of the plan and knowing that any damage caused this week (which is likely to be small), will be quickly undone.

Hopefully when I weigh myself next week, I’ll be happily surprised.

Weight loss

What I leaned

This week I learned a lot. Often, when we take a break, we learn the most about ourselves. Initially, I had an overwhelming feeling of guilt. I worried that I was going to undo all my hard work but considering I have almost reached 100lbs weight loss, I think putting one or two pounds on is minimal in the grand scheme of things.

I’ve also also learned that our mindsets can take a while to change. This week I realised that it’s important to understand what exactly it was that caused me to put the weight on in the first place. Addressing this meant that I didn’t allow old habits to creep back in.

weight loss

We learn a lot about ourselves while on this plan and it’s important to keep taking stock of this.

Forgive yourself for those little blips and get back to it the next day!

Until next week!

Weight loss


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