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[TFR Phase 3] Week 28: 81lbs Gone For Good!

[TFR Phase 3] Week 28: 81lbs Gone For Good!

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TFR phase 3

As she embarks on her TFR Phase 3, customer Hele celebrates another 8lb weight loss, taking her total to an amazing 81lbs in only 28 weeks!* Watch this week’s video message to find out how she’s feeling and her top tips for success.

First week back on TFR & I couldn’t be happier!

All the heaviness that I felt during my holidays is all in the past now. I was hopeful and optimistic about my loss last week and I was right to be! I lost 8lbs this week. This means that I managed to lose not only the weight I gained during my holidays, but an extra 2lbs as well!

Over the course of my New You Plan journey I have now lost 81lbs (5st 8lbs) – how amazing is that?!

Getting back on TFR after a break wasn’t really a challenge for me. I think it is much easier because this is my FINAL TFR Phase 3. My meals plans were a bit different this week though. From I started the plan, I have never felt hungry in the mornings but the further into the day I went, the hungrier I became. So what did I do?! I didn’t eat for the entire morning, sometimes having my first pack at 3pm or so. And then I had a pack or two packs and around 7pm when I usually eat my dinner.

TFR Phase 3

This week’s challenges…

One of the biggest challenges for me was to survive two days before my weigh in day. During these days, I really felt hungry! There is no particular reason why I felt like this – it was just one of those days. The days when you feel like that also tend to go really slowly, because you are constantly struggling with the hunger.

So how did I do it? This was the time I had to remind myself to take it hour by hour. So I literally told myself to be strong this hour and then the next and then the next. I drank coffee, water and bouillon and I tried to keep myself busy and not think about it.

What helped me a lot was that someone on the page mentioned not to feed the hungry days because those are the times when your fat burns the fastest. This helped me – a lot  and every time I started thinking about having an extra pack I stopped myself. This is the ultimate fight with the fat right now… let it burn!!

TFR Phase 3

How I’m feeling this week…

I am so very happy that my weight moved below the number that I faced before my holidays. I feel I am on the right path again and everything is moving towards my goal now.

I am excited! I am very excited to continue with my journey. It doesn’t matter that I have been on this journey for so long – I am still surprised and amazed about the results we get from it.

I am also very happy that I have received so much positive feedback and the fact that my vlogs are helping others. I received a lot of questions last week – and I will answer to some of them in my video.

See you next week!

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*Weight loss results may vary. This is not a guarantee.


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