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Tasha blog 5 – Week 5, Total loss 24lb – week loss 2lbs

Tasha blog 5 – Week 5, Total loss 24lb – week loss 2lbs

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24lbs Gone!!! I am So Excited with my weight loss – I am feeling so much better in myself and I can really start to see the difference!! Can you?? 

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Hey guys ????

Hope you have all had a fab week ??

So I had my 5th weigh in on Tuesday and I had lost another 2lbs!! I am over the moon with this!

Last weekend my water intake was really bad, but the reason for this is because I was spending a lot of the time travelling and there is nothing worse than needing the toilet and not having one to go to, so I was unable to drink as much as I would of liked, Sunday was a struggle, because I couldn’t drink I was hungry …. so hungry, when I was coming back from Wicklow we stopped in one of the shops on the motorway and I literally lifted so much crap to eat just because I was hungry, wet, cold, miserable and I forgot my products! My other half actually said to me do you really want to eat this, do you really want to ruin what you have done so far!! He is my rock, he has supported me so much on my weight loss journey because he knows how much I want this and how unhappy I am with my body!!

So I put all the naughty food back where I got it, bought a bottle of water and we hit the road home!! I have never been so proud of myself as I was when I walked out of the shop with a litre bottle of water!! BOOOYAAAAAA….. Tasha 1 – Naughty Food 0!!!

week1 - 5 frontnew



So this week was a big week for me!! I went to my first personal training session on Tuesday evening and I though because I knew the girl who was taking me she would go easy on me …. oh how wrong was I lol!!!

It was tough as I have not done any kinda of intense exercise from before my accident in 2012! So this was a first for me, I have to say I did enjoy it a lot, it was hard but I felt good … well kind of good lol my muscles are in agony but I dont care that just means it was a good workout and it is working ??

I am finding a new lease in life – I know I am only 24 but over the last year I have been secluded and didn’t want to do anything at all because I never felt comfortable. Now I am wearing jeans again, going out in public shopping, meeting up with friends I havent seen in ages, making an effort with myself – wearing make up and having my hair done!


I just feel so AMAZING, I am nowhere near where I want to be but I know everyday I am getting closer and closer to my final goal!


Please watch My weigh in Video below:

  Then on Thursday I may of had a sneaky weigh in …. I know I always say don’t do it because you can become obsessed but I just wanted to check …. any way from the Tuesday I had lost ANOTHER 3lbs!! Bringing me into the 14 stone Bracket …. Yes that is right I have lost 27.6lbs in total!!!! I AM OVER THE MOON Watch my reaction below – bet it makes you giggle 😛


Also please make sure that you are taking part in the #MChallenge you could be in for the chance of winning some points for your account which you can use on your next order and if you are wanting to be in for the chance of winning the big Transformation prize all you have to do is make sure you take part in the challenge post your pictures, tell us your measurements and stick to it! You could be selected to come to Belfast and have a Photo-shoot done, you will get your hair and make up all expenses paid!!!!! How cool is that?!

Our slimmers are loving the Challenge as you can see by some of the images below:

Screenshot 2016-04-07 10.58.10

Screenshot 2016-04-07 08.39.04












Screenshot 2016-04-07 10.58.45


I am in …. Are You???




Lots of Love

Tasha xxxx

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