Spring Transformation Challenge: Week 6 Winner!

Spring Transformation Challenge: Week 6 Winner!

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This week’s Spring Transformation Challenge winner has been revealed!

We had such a great response to this week’s Spring Transformation Challenge task.

A new task is announced every Monday and the winner is shared on Friday. This means that you have 4 days to share your answer. Not only will you have the chance to win an amazing prize, but by getting involved you are making yourself accountable and inspiring others with your answer.

It was no easy task choosing a winner this week because so many of you joined in.

This week’s task was all about how we deal with stress. We want to help our customers to minimise the stress in their lives, because getting into a place of zen and calmness can really have a positive affect on your New You journey.

If you could reduce the stress in your life, this blog place is the perfect place to start. We discuss the major reasons stress leads to weight gain and some great research-based coping strategies you can use to fight back. Plus, check our out top stress-busting tips to make sure your life is more zen! Check it out here.

So with this in mind, customers were asked to share their top tips for dealing with stress, which help them stay on plan and deal with daily life.

And what an amazing response we had! But there could only be one winner! Well done to Jemma!

Jemma has been balancing her final year of university with the stresses of a broken laptop, numerous of her kids’ birthday parties and general life stresses, whilst still sticking to the plan and giving it her all.

Here is Jemma’s response and how she deals with stress:

Was umming and ahhhing about entering this week’s task as I’m actually a massive stress head. But when I really think about it maybe I do cope better than I realise.

I’m a single mum to two girls, in my third year of university, just written my dissertation and have exams and a scientific poster conference coming up. I also just had my eldest’s birthday and party (during final week of dissertation) and in 2 weeks I have my youngest’s party and then her birthday to plan.

I’m also moving house, which has not gone smoothly. I’m meant to be getting the keys Monday and hopefully moving the following Saturday but at present all the paperwork is not in place.

On top of this my MacBook died last week. I live on that laptop, my entire budget sheet and life is on it, I’m just glad I’d handed in my dissertation 2 days before!! But its £500 I’ve now got to find to repair.

I’ve also run out of money until my next student loan and it’s hard, luckily, I have everything we need till then.

So yeah, my life is full of stress, and I am an emotional eater, something I find hard to control. Currently I am staying on plan even though I’ve run out of snacks and bars, so I guess this post is to remind myself of how well I am actually doing.

My tips? I’m not sure to be honest but I will say spending time in nature, whether it’s an afternoon walk or a weekend wild camping (so much fun) helps me immensely. All my troubles and worries fly away and I feel at peace.

I think it’s in the new you blog it says 1 minute outside looking at the sky reduces cortisol by half and I believe it.

I enjoy reading, playing games, watching TV and colouring but nothing compares to the feeling of nature. So yeah that’s my tips x

Fantastic Jemma, Well done!

A MASSIVE well done to Jemma for an amazing entry! Jemma gets to choose her prize from one of the following: Nutibullet, Spectrum Make-Up Brushes, Jo Malone Perfume or a 1 Week Bundle!

We have another amazing task launching on Monday which will keep you super motivated and you could WIN one of the above prizes! Keep your eyes peeled in Secret Slimmers or for our email on Monday to find out how you can take part.

To learn more about our challenges, click the link below and join in today!

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