Spring Transformation Challenge: Week 5 Winner

Spring Transformation Challenge: Week 5 Winner

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This week’s Spring Transformation Challenge winner has been revealed!

We had such a great response to this week’s Spring Transformation Challenge task.

A new task is announced every Monday and the winner is shared on Friday. This means that you have 4 days to share your answer. Not only will you have the chance to win an amazing prize, but by getting involved you are making yourself accountable and inspiring others with your answer.

It was no easy task choosing a winner this week because so many of you joined in.

This week’s task was all about keeping life exciting! Not only does trying something new have numerous health benefits, when you are creating a lifestyle change by losing weight, new behaviour scan help make the weight loss stick.

If this is something you’d like to start doing, this blog post is a GREAT place to start, we promise!

With this in mind, we asked our Secret Slimmers to name 3 things they can do this spring and summer locally that they have never done and always wanted to do. Think healthy, outdoor, fun activities!

We had some amazing answers but one in particular stood out! Congratulations Wendy for your fantastic entry:

I’ve spent hours pondering things I’ve always wanted to do but been held back because of my size or weight. Or things I could do to improve my health that I know I would enjoy so my 3 things are:

1. I’m going to get a bike!

At work there is a cycle to work initiative. They lend the money to get a new bike and they arrange simple interest free repayments straight from my pay each month. I haven’t ridden a bike for over 25 years and used to get so much fun out of it, but as I got bigger, I became more self-conscious and less confident. I remember once someone shouting out “Go on love, it’s better than weight watchers!” While I was peddling away. I was devastated. Rode home to my mum and cried my eyes out. I was about 20 and that was when it stopped being fun. Now all those years later I can still hear him, I can still remember how much it hurt and it has never gone away. I know even after he said it, he probably never gave it a second thought, but it’s been with me throughout my life. So, I’m going to change that and I’m going to get to stage and size where I can get a new pink bike

2. I will join the office girls when they arrange a Zumba class

Every week a bunch of my work friends go out one evening and do a Zumba class together, the next morning they are all full of life and bubbly. Giggling about how much fun they’ve had. I would absolutely love to do it to, I know I would really enjoy it. They have asked me to join them if I want, but I always make excuses or pretend I haven’t heard them. The thought of going to a gym scares me to death. Knowing that probably a few minutes into the class I would be breathless and sweaty and an absolute mess, I would be mortified. But I know I’m getting smaller and I know I can get to a stage where I can do it and join in and I know I will love it .

3. I want to go in a helicopter!

I know it sounds extravagant and will require a lot of saving but it’s something I’ve always wanted to do, and I almost did once. We got as far as the office and while we were queueing to get more information and book in I started reading the posters. It was then that I noticed the ‘persons over the weight of 240 lbs may be refused, or be charged an addition fee’. And then I saw the dreaded scales in the corner of the room. And that was it I ran out and back to the car closely followed by my confused and completely unaware husband. When I explained why he fully understood, and that was the end of my helicopter experience.

That’s it, 3 things I will get to do. Healthy and exciting. One may not be this spring or summer but I can definitely say that I can see them all happening and they are all achievable if I continue on plan.

A MASSIVE well done to Wendy for an amazing entry! Wendy gets to choose her prize from one of the following: Nutibullet, Spectrum Make-Up Brushes, Jo Malone Perfume or a 1 Week Bundle!

We have another amazing task launching on Monday which will keep you super motivated and you could WIN one of the above prizes! Keep your eyes peeled in Secret Slimmers or for our email on Monday to find out how you can take part.

To learn more about our challenges, click the link below and join in today!

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