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{ SET FOR SUCCESS } 6 Weeks Until Christmas.. The Countdown is on!!

{ SET FOR SUCCESS } 6 Weeks Until Christmas.. The Countdown is on!!

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I can’t believe it is mid November already, where has the month gone?! Halloween is now a distant memory, Christmas decorations are starting to creep onto our streets and the John Lewis ad has already graced our TV screens (Buster ❤️). Today marks the 6 week countdown to the big day, that’s only 42 days to go! A lot can happen in 6 weeks as we know all too well here at the New You Plan. The next 6 weeks could be the start of your new life.. just think of everything you could achieve in that time?

The run up to Christmas opens a variety of temptation and distractions with countless parties, sweet treats galore and enough mulled wine to last you all month but don’t let this detour your mind from the goal in hand. Whether you have been on the plan for a few weeks now or are starting out for a 2 – 4 week challenge the Christmas Party season is a great incentive to work towards.

Get inspired by the lavish displays appearing in stores. The vast arrays of sequins, luxurious velvets and festive furs and imagine going in some day and buying some of those very items and feeling proud to wear them and look fabulous! Make this dream a reality and give yourself a festive goal to aspire to. Is there a certain party dress you want to wear at the office do or have a special outfit planned for Christmas with the family? Make that occasion your inspiration and have the outfit hanging up in pride of place to spur you on through the tough times and keep your mind set on the goal.


Like every week our community has been filled with positive thinking members who are keeping their eye on the prize and are determined to reach their goal. This is where the Secret Slimmers community is so important to the New You Plan. It is a great place for our customers to express their feelings, ask questions they need answered and also just have some fun during this life changing journey.

It is at this time of year we want you to give yourself the greatest Christmas gift money can’t buy, the gift of becoming a healthier happier you. Think of how good you will feel when you have reached your goal and look and feel amazing. We want you want to put on that party dress and be proud of how you look. Imagine your transformation picture being you dressed up in a fancy sequin number, now that is an image you are going to want to share!!

005 Sunday is the best day to get your head focused and ‘Set for Success’ for the week ahead. Throughout the week we like to help motivate our community with some inspirational quotes to live by.

A variety of physical and emotional support to push through the barriers and project a positive mindset. We want our customers to keep up all their good work and reach for their dreams.

We know this can only happen if you truly want it and with the support of both the Secret Slimmers community and family and friends we know you can do anything you put your mind to.

Make the 6 week mark your milestone, what is your target and is it doable in this time? If not, set yourself a mini target to reach in this time. Christmas is always a hurdle but if you approach it in bite-size pieces you will be able to pass through it while still having some festive fun and keeping focused.009

Before you know it the New Year will be upon us and you will be driven to start the New Year right in the search to become the New You. Christmas is technically only a day, we want everyone to enjoy with their friends and family but keep their mind on the goal. Taking on a weight loss journey isn’t a short lived thing, it is a lifestyle change.

New to the plan and want a change before Christmas? It isn’t too late. Why don’t you challenge yourself to a 2 – 4 week package. Even in this short time you will see the benefits of the plan and be set for the New Year.


Don’t forget you can get 77 of your favourite TFR meals and snacks for just £77 to celebrate our 7th Birthday. That is only £1 per meal!!



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