Inspiring Changes in Just 7 Days – please comment!

It is amazing how life can change  in an instant isn’t it? I am sure you might have experienced  a time when a switch was just flicked – in your mind and all of a sudden you decided… “Right, that’s it, no more!!!!  I am going on my diet!” And in an instant you changed… This week so many people have started  their New

Day 10: Hey Honey I’m Home!

  Hey Honey I’m Home!!! Well I am home after my little break in the hotel.  My cold developed into man flu, and I really suffered… 🙁 BUT! I stayed on course, and I am very pleased that I stayed strong in the midst of a horrible cold and in a hotel. “Rar” <- My strength. I just wanted to

What are your 3 Level Goals?

I am sure you are wondering what the heck 3 level goals are…. well let me explain. When you set any type of goal, whether that is a weight loss goal or any other type of goal, it is a great idea to set 3 levels.    This means that you will not feel like a failure if you do

Exercising and VLCD / TFR

When you start your diet, you may soon feel more energy and a desire to exercise, but what type of exercise should you do? In the first week or two you probably won’t feel like exercising at all.  DON’T – just relax and enjoy getting into your new routine with your diet.  Walking is good, it gets you out of the house,

Day 07: Doing the Discipline Dance…

I have a sore throat. I think I have a golf ball growing in my throat actually!! Flip me it hurts  🙁 My husband said do you want me to get you some throaties?  Me: No I cant take them on my diet Him:  How about lockets? Me: No Duhhhhh…. I can’t take anything like that at all on my

Day 05: High five to me on Day five!

If ever there was a day that I could of been tested today was that day. Thankfully I stayed on track and I feel good for it now.  It has built my confidence that I will get to my goal. Two things that can throw people off track in week one, are emotional upset or social gatherings with food. I

Day 04: Surprisingly Easy!*

*Weight loss results may vary. This is not a guarantee It is after 11pm and I am just going to write a quick post as I don’t want to miss a day on this diary, even if it is just a short post! Today is Day 4 and I have found it surprisingly easy! Been a bit better at drinking

Top Tip for a Healthy Happy 2012

“The reason we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind the scenes with everyone else’s high light reel.” A top tip for healthy happy 2012 is not to compare yourself to other people. Everyone is different, and half the time we don’t know the full story when we compare ourselves to other people.  With facebook it can be so

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