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New You Plan Diet Support Groups Weekly Update

New You Plan Diet Support Groups Weekly Update

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This is my favourite part of the week when I get to share with everyone what a fabulous group Secret Slimmers and Momentum Maintainers are. Every week I am blown away by the incredible mindset and diet support everybody gives each other.

Com update 5

It is wonderful to see how many Secret Slimmers are joining in with all of the challenges, whether monthly or daily. One of the words this week on the daily photo challenge was spirituality and our gorgeous Sabrina wrote the following:

“I am a very spiritual person. I believe in angels. I believe that we should do good and cause no harm. I appreciate the beauty of nature, the presence of love and kindness.” I absolutely loved this, it’s thought provoking and spoken from the heart.

Lovely words from Melony Gill this week on the amazing customer service from New You! I couldn’t agree more!

Com update 4

Creating a growth mindset is something we like to help all of our slimmers with. This could be changing your attitude towards food or helping you to feel more positive about yourself and your body. Tracy Clarke posted earlier in the week: “I want to like/love myself again. I want to look in the mirror and feel proud.” This is what we want for all of you. Start the positive thinking process and grow on your New You journey.

Momentum Maintainers has another 21 newbies this week who are either with the group for refeed or Family Focus. A very warm welcome to you all. Orla Cahill created a delicious looking dish with home made falafel and we are very happy to have Jackie Murphy back with us and posting her culinary delights.

Com update 2

There have been more amazing losses on Secret Slimmers this week, one which stood out for me was Kirsty Lyle’s post; Kirsty has an under-active thyroid and was nervous that she would not have a great loss in her first week but low and behold she lost a massive 11Ibs. She said “The diet and group are fantastic. Never ever have I lost so much in a month, never mind a week.” It just goes to show you that even if you have a medical condition, you can still lose weight. It is highly recommended if you have any underlying medical issue, you seek advice from your doctor before starting the plan. Well done to Victoria also, her lost a super impressive 14lbs in her first week!

Com update 6

Chef Pauline continues to tantalise us with her New You ideas. Her Chilli and Country Cottage Pie Cups looked to die for. Pauline is one of our wonderful Cheerleaders with a wealth of TFR knowledge and endless support and love to all in the group.

Com update 1

Here is Pauline’s story in her own words: “I started The New You Plan after my marriage broke up, weighing almost 20 stone. I felt useless and alone! I thought I would never lose the weight. I tried every diet known to man and spent a fortune but only lost a stone here and there. New You popped up and I saw real people with real results! I ordered a bundle and from day one I was hooked. the food and the support was amazing. I have lost almost 8 stone, made amazing friends and I have done things I never would have done before New You. I did two college courses passing with merit and I am currently doing a third.

Life is still a challenge but with New You my weight is no longer an issue and I feel happier and healthier than I have in years. New You is THE best plan out there. I tried the rest, now I have found the best! New You has changed my life completely.”

Com update 3

I love when customers are in that phases of discovering which meals, bars and snacks they love. Shauna discovered our Lemon Zing Bars and she’s hooked already!

Everybody takes their journey at their own pace; some are quicker than others and they should never be compared. Sarah Faughey has done amazingly well and feeling fantastic having lost nearly 8 stone in 39 weeks. Truly astounding! Debbie Flynn Carroll is totally rocking the plan having lost 7Ibs in her first week. In her words she is feeling “Delighted.” Well done to each and every one of you!

The lovely Jerri Rosheen Bosley is over the moon having passed her driving test and loving her new found freedom. Happy motoring Jerri! We are very proud of you!

Have a wonderful week everyone, stay strong, stay focused and just see what you are capable of achieving!

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