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New Year New Me Photo Challenge!

New Year New Me Photo Challenge!

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Christmas is now officially over so its time to look ahead to what the New Year will bring. A vast array of new beginnings just waiting to get started. From resolutions, opportunities to new goals, the start of the year is the perfect time to re-evaluate your current lifestyle and make the necessary tweaks to make the New Year the best it can be.

Here at the New You Plan we believe that motivation can come from the smallest of things. A simple image posted on our social media could be all the inspiration a fellow friend or follower needs to get them through the day. Photography has such a big impact on our lives, a snapshot into someone else’s world can entice someone to try something new or revisit an old hobby they may have lost along the way. It is because of this that we have launched the New Year New You photo challenge. A fun 31 day challenge with a different topic each day for you to get involved in. The idea is to help each and every one of you stay focused and on track throughout the long month of January.

The topics include a variety of everything, from vision boards to love. A collection of things that really matter and are important to all of us in different ways. By carrying out a photo challenge we get to see the reasons why you are on your journey, these could be the same very reasons as a fellow secret slimmer and an instant bond is made. Your goals or ideas could be all the inspiration someone needs to get them in the right mindset to start or re-start their weight loss journey. Never underestimate the power of a photograph!

Photo Challenge

How to I get involved?

1. Take note of the theme for the day from the list above. These will be announced on Secret Slimmers every morning as a little reminder. (TIP – if you like photography and have an idea for one of the other themes coming up plan ahead and get some great images ahead of time!) 

Download a printable PDF version here!

2. Take a photograph (or find one online) that fits the theme to you. We really encourage you to take your own images as they are a more personal snapshot into your life and your goals.

3. Post your image on Secret Slimmers but also your own social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest). We want to get as many people as we can inspired and motivated for the New Year so sharing your images could be all that it takes. (Remember to use the hashtag #newyearnewme).

4. Look out for the daily re-caps each lunchtime of the previous theme, you never know, your image could be picked as one of our favourites!!

5. Keep posting everyday until the end of the month. Then look back over your images and see how far you have come, a visual diary of the last month.

To make sure you don’t miss out on any of our favourite photo’s we are going to update this post every day with our top 5 images from the day before!

Day 1 – My theme for 2017

To set the year off right our first topic was ‘My Theme for 2017’. A great variety of positive themes stemming from fitness to happiness to generally looking after number 1.


Day 2 – My Vision Board for 2017

A visual insight into what you have planned for the year ahead is sometimes all the inspiration you need to get your mind set on all you want to do in the next 12 months. We received brilliant entries from a lot of our Secret Slimmers sharing visions of new ways to enjoy themselves, a ‘New Me’ and new memories with the people that matter.

image-5-test 15822625_1875602646016467_8378547478371497511_n

Day 3 – My Hand Written Goals

Writing down your goals can be a brilliant way to get your head around all the things you want to achieve in the year ahead. The hand written goals shared for the photo challenge have been so inspiring and really opened up each and everyones focus for the year ahead.


Day 4 – My Why

We all have a person or reason in mind as to Why we are on our journey, some of us are doing it primarily to better ourselves and others are doing it to become a good role model for the people around them. No why is wrong, its the focus you need to stay on track.

15871558_1584895098203897_8448223746591142758_n 15823155_10208650631722420_312501240675027328_n

Day 5 – Gratitude

In life there are so many things to be grateful for, our health, our family and friends and the world around us. Being thankful for what matters is so important to staying positive each and every day.

15936615_188664934942273_1333468381370507764_o 15895701_10212143853101671_8264738408182997705_o 15894250_10211390013815668_6695221425072515063_n

Day 6 – Healthy

A healthy diet and lifestyle is so important to reaching your target weight. This theme showed us great images from customers on TFR and maintaining with some healthy choices.

15823707_971559492945944_5879718080463522731_n 15823154_971640206271206_3019409886428413658_n screen-shot-2017-01-08-at-16-33-08 screen-shot-2017-01-08-at-16-32-25

Day 7 – Me

The most important person in your life is you and you should never take yourself for granted. A weight loss journey has so many factors but doing it for yourself is the biggest reason to stay focused and on track.

15940337_1517249454971831_3439902532363222858_n 15826450_10212162645651473_6463049282153181724_n

Day 8 – Nature

Mother Nature’s beauty is all around us, it is something we get to appreciate everyday. Take in your surroundings and feel blessed to experience such natural creations whenever you want.

15894639_10211415420290814_2492591704715037584_n 15965935_10212173640486337_1376112502316002759_n screen-shot-2017-01-09-at-21-55-40 screen-shot-2017-01-09-at-21-54-14

Day 9 – Love

As the song goes ‘love is all around us’ and it really is. From people to things we experience love everyday. The simple 4 letter word has so much power and can change someones day from bad to good.

15941092_1519240401439403_3374618511819768215_n 15966069_10158109778555323_88296051600009995_n 15940528_10158110447135323_2981252937421028226_n 15965265_10154770008115915_932243372978522880_n

Day 10 – Fitness

Health and fitness go hand in hand together. By increasing your fitness you are improving your physical health as well as your mental health as exercise is the perfect thing to de-stress.

15941076_974355425999684_4859923979967727385_n 15941521_10158115951180323_5533502488492139413_n

Day 11 – Bedtime

A good bed time routine is as important as a good morning routine, allowing your body to unwind and prepare for sleep is crucial in making sure you get your full 8 hours.

15965291_1585926828101069_7792883356323339405_n 15977296_10212055644096609_8790749231879675454_n

Day 12 – Morning Time

A well planned morning routine is the best way to get your mind focused on the day ahead.

15937039_598420017023894_4258126733359539919_o-2 15940464_10212070937238928_7904761770305603999_n

Day 13 – Pamper

When you have 100% week why not treat yourself to a treat for all the hard work you have put in.

15977872_10154386589472903_6309271319166883564_n 15977028_10211470573709615_7112669738651677950_n 16195542_10209852391480471_9057224571699561715_n

Day 14 – Selfie

Talking photo’s throughout your journey is a great way to stay focused, even a selfie or two!

15965393_977036945731532_3183845732002872589_n 15977463_10212239646816454_1217027001028069339_n 15941155_10212089744989110_5291180417652039_n

Day 15 – Walk

A clear mind is so important to keep on track during your plan. A long walk in the countryside is perfect to do this.

16113378_599860613546501_1560031589513741397_o 15965982_10154932105156098_8336640250141234488_n

Day 16 – Sky

Appreciate the world around you and what better way that the sky above us, take a moment to reflect on the challenges ahead and have a moment with nature.

15937115_600350526830843_2330404221068499957_o 15975186_10212261470562034_2035194816587243181_o 15977066_10212183027717692_719114506398861448_n

Day 17 – Water

Water is the fountain of youth, when on plan try to drink at least 4 litres a day to help make the journey easier.

15975309_600758676790028_4214507193737533097_o 15977183_10211503341408787_8847398587998342914_n 15977802_1528704513826325_8835216839327065548_n

Day 18 – Holiday Goals

If you have something to look forward to then it can make the journey easier. A dream holiday is perfect inspiration.

16142960_1529911877038922_7475201717398599578_n 15976948_636253816576718_9171627468919273445_n

Day 19 – Fashion Goals

Fashion is all around us, it is another great form of motivation. Pick a key outfit aspire to wear when you reach your target weight.

15995235_980822762019617_6206708830452600042_o 16174668_1531443466885763_4582123771867659929_n

Day 20 – Happiness

Make 2017 your happiest year yet and your goals will be so much easier to reach.

16195447_10211530045156364_5659205349711971079_n 16174392_387440871610517_7926501058388630405_n 16195124_1532248230138620_604172122691666411_n

Day 21 – Self Portrait

A self portrait is a great way to express to others how you see yourself.

16195434_1533380460025397_1163718358288411278_n 16265216_388694968151774_6899551301786563377_n

Day 22 – Inspiring Person

To inspire someone is to leave a lasting impression on someones life.

15724771_1316244448419064_4746531538122964027_o 16179441_983011678467392_2563282206494482197_o

Day 23 – Motivation

We all have different forms of motivation to help us through the tough times, from good quotes, loved ones and inspirational songs.

16251831_983773518391208_154390570213552612_o 16105733_10208805980526043_2867134799123708135_n 16298477_10154866398487159_6172291066138070454_n

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