#MagicalMoments – Win a Jo Malone Candle worth £50

#MagicalMoments – Win a Jo Malone Candle worth £50

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Well done Bernadette – Competition Now Closed

DO YOU WANT TO BE IN FOR THE CHANCE OF WINNING a Jo Malone Candle worth £50??😀 😀


To Enter Just Answer the simple Questions Down below 😀 😀


This Friday we are focusing on #Magicalmoments

#MagicalMoments – Life is all about creating magical moments and appreciating them. The more we seek out to make these moments, the more magical life will be. From the simple; cuddle on the sofa, making someone you love a cup of tea, a walk at sunset, a fun day out to the beach to be big magical moments like the holiday of a lifetime. The little moments and the big moments are what make life magical and what we will remember the most when we look back on our life. Make it your mission to create special memories for the people you love and for yourself.



Please Watch the video and answer the question below:


What 5 #MagicalMoments could you create for you and your family this summer?






Remember as long as you answer the above questions in the comment section below ⬇⬇⬇ you will be entered into the prize draw!!! 

Good Luck 💜💙💚




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14 thoughts on “#MagicalMoments – Win a Jo Malone Candle worth £50

    • Author gravatar

      lunch in the garden with my little boys today!
      movie night with my husband
      going to watch our 8 yr old play tag rugby final.
      long walk on the with our therapy dog and our little boy who loves the beach.
      family outing this weekend to the petting zoo.

      My Magical Moments for the next few days x

      • Author gravatar

        hi my magical moments would be
        one is to take my grand children to the sea side
        two taking my partner for a short break
        three doing my hanging basket for around the house
        four on my new me diet lost 4 lb feeling good
        five going on holiday in september

    • Author gravatar

      Hi my magical moments would be
      1. Meet my friend for a coffee & chat
      2. Spend some quality time with my daughters.
      3. Replenish my candles & watch a movie with only candle light💖
      4. Enjoy some me time with a lovely cuppa
      5. Magical moment went I step on the scales on Monday and see my numbers moving down.😊

    • Author gravatar

      My five magical moments
      1 taking daughter to see her first grown up show Cats
      2 being able to be fitter to run around this summer and have fun
      3 getting my puppy who will be ready in a few weeks
      4 hubby is back home tonight after being away
      5 my new short hair cut for my new me 🙂

    • Author gravatar

      1: Actually going out to meet friends and not cancelling because of my weight,
      my weight impacts alot on this, I’m wearing ugly clothes not for my age group I’m just wearing them cos they fit so I really gave up on going out

      2: The money I have already saved on not buying takeaways I shall be treating my hubby and I to a date day, we work opposite shifts and do not see one another often only every second weekend so a day out will be lovely and I won’t put it off due to having nothing to wear

      3: Spend time on myself! I’m useless for being kind to me! I never pamper myself so that has changed from today my first pamper Friday on SS support page and I’m following it through

      4: Cycling- I haven’t been on my bike for nearly 2 years due to my weight and not being able too go to the end of the road without feeling like I was going to pass out- so it would be magic to get back on my bike and enjoy the outdoors

      5: Enjoy the New me, I’m only starting my journey but already noticing a difference so to enjoy this new chapter in my life

    • Author gravatar

      Be comfortable at the summer and autumn family get together .
      Have my clothes loose again.
      Have more energy on Sunday’s
      Love myself again.
      Have a positive attitude

    • Author gravatar

      1. More nice clothes.
      2. More day trips out with the Miss.
      3. More amazing pics.
      4. More fun nights out… minus alcohol of course!
      5. Lose the rest of my weight. About a stone & a half.

    • Author gravatar

      Flamingo land next week
      My brother and his family visiting for his birthday
      Theatre trip booked for family
      Seeing my friends at a special meet up in the summer
      Getting fitter and thinner

    • Author gravatar

      Creating magical moments
      1. Go to cinema with hubby
      2. Go a walk in a lovely park together
      3. Prepare my Hubby’s favourite meal. ( won’t mention what it is
      4. Go out for a magical mystery tour in car.
      5. Just sit together in each others company, chatting about past and present things we our going to do

    • Author gravatar

      Picnic with my family, thank you new you crisps!
      Go for a evening out with my husband
      Meet up with a friend I haven’t seen four years
      Have girls get together
      Stick to the plan and lose weight 😀

    • Author gravatar

      1. Family day out in London – I;ve always felt to big and uncomfortable – madness!!!
      2. Family holiday – first one with the 4 of us together – can’t wait to get it booked!
      3. Family photos – we have one & need so many more
      4. Feeling confident in swimwear – ready for my holiday
      5. Some kind of sports challenge, maybe another cycle ride, or an obstacle course

      Can’t wait to achieve all these!

    • Author gravatar

      1) My youngest son’s 21st birthday in July-totally cant believe it!

      2) Going on trips up the west coast to take my beautiful 4 legged babies to the deserted beaches there.

      3) Spending time with my darling Andy in the gym creating new bodies-me smaller, him bigger/muscular.

      4) 3 wedding evenings to go to, first in about 15yrs, and Im actually looking forward to dressing up for a change!

      5) Attending the American Footy gams with the highland Wildcats whom I volunteer with, and not feeling like the fat wifey on the sideline screaming anymore!!!

    • Author gravatar

      Enjoy every weekend’s with my fiance and baby girl while the sun is shining.

      Fly home at least once this summer

      Dip into our savings and go on a shopping spree for me and my baby girl..

      Happy Fridays with the soaps. Candle’s lit. ….pj’s and good company

      Keep smiling

    • Author gravatar

      1 Organising family reunion in June and bringing together people who haven’t seen each other for nearly 30 years
      2 Spending time with my newest grandchild who is due at the end of July
      3 Zipwiring with my 7 grandchildren and husband
      4 Enjoying the seaside and swimming in the sea with my husband and grandchildren regardless of the weather
      5 Baking cakes with the grandchildren and letting them lick the wooden spoon and bowl

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