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Magical Mindset Sessions – June 2021

Magical Mindset Sessions – June 2021

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Are you ready for a magical New You? Why not start right now?

Join Pascale In our Secret Slimmer’s Community This June each Sunday at 5pm!

One lucky viewer each week will win £25 New You Credit! 

These sessions are FREE, exclusive to customer’s of the New You Plan in our Facebook Community group!

Your transformation isn’t magical in the sense that your New You is suddenly attained by magic but if I could wave a magic wand and you could be who you really want to be, your New You, how would it be? How would your life be different? What sort of things may be possible?

Your transformation is yours to create and it all starts by making small positive changes in your life.

One day, you decided “Enough, I want to change”, later you decided to start the New You Plan and now it’s time to start to setting yourself up for success, by upgrading your mind, having new positive habits and believing in yourself.

It’s your time to become your magical New You! This month, let me guide you through for you to become your Magical New You:

Your motivation creates your transformation – Sunday 6th June
First, you will start assessing your transformation with a tool that helps you to visualize all the important areas of your transformation at once. And with your New you goal in mind, you will understand how you can motivate yourself best, in a way that is yours only.

Set yourself up for a magical day – Sunday 13th June
I love the smell of possibility in the morning, every day you open your eyes is a new day, you can win if you choose and what you focus on first things are important to set the tone of your day. Start with your own magical morning ritual and set yourself for success!

Positive focus on your transformation – Sunday 20th June
Let’s bring back the focus on the positive things about your transformation and turn up the level of positivity you can bring into your life, so it radiates all over your life and makes your transformation easier and more enjoyable.

Increase your magical New Me Confidence – Sunday 27th June
It’s time to increase your trust in your own abilities, capacities and belief that you can successfully become your magical New You. Self-confidence can help you achieve your transformation. Finish by assessing your transformation compared to the start of the month.

Session 1 – Sunday 6th June @5pm
Your motivation creates your transformation
– Assess the important areas of your transformation at the start of the month
– Boost your motivation and become clear on your goal
– Understand how you’re best motivated

Session 2 – Sunday 13th June @5pm
Set yourself up for a magical day
– Set your magical morning routine
– Set your successful New You plan

Session 3 – Sunday 20th June @5pm
Positive focus on your transformation
– Reflect on 3 good things that happened today
– What are the habits that make you feel good?

Session 4 – Sunday 27th June @5pm
Increase magical New Me confidence
– Discover simple ways to increase your confidence daily
– Focus on what your body does, not what it looks
– Assess the important areas of your transformation at the end of the month

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