For the Ultimate Weight Loss Inspiration Make Some Time for Tuesday’s!

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It’s been a busy week here at the New You Plan HQ, but we don’t mind all of the rushing about as it keeps us warm thank heaven’s it has warmed up a little! Anyway, even though it’s been hectic, we still managed to make time to visit our Secret Slimmer’s community on Tuesday. 

Why Tuesday specifically?

Because we absolutely love Tuesdays! 

But why do you love Tuesdays?

Because it’s Transformation Tuesday, that’s why!

We can’t help but get excited about transformation Tuesday. It’s so uplifting to see all of your smiling faces which you rightly wear as you’ve worked so hard to achieve your goals.

It really is an inspiring sight to behold and some transformations are so brilliant that you could fall off your chair in amazement! 

(Disclaimer: No-one has been hurt in falling off their chair on transformation Tuesday)

If you’re not yet a member of the New You Plan Secret Slimmer’s Facebook community, you should know that transformation Tuesday is when members share their before and now, or after pictures. Obviously, it’s not mandatory to take part in this, nothing is mandatory in our community, apart from the few rules that we have, of course.

We find that the great thing about transformation Tuesday is that it reminds you that everyone is on their own journey and it isn’t a race to get to the finish line because there is no ultimate finish line.

Something else that transformation Tuesday does is to highlight what losing weight can actually do for a person. It can be easy to forget that losing weight is more than just shifting those extra pounds. You can get easily obsessed with the numbers on the scales and clothes sizes that you fit into. 

You must remember that there are other measurables too which can be just as, if not more important. The most recent example of this was one particular person who posted her before and mid-journey pictures. She was both raw and honest about her journey and revealed to the community that her weight loss had resulted in:

  • Improved mental health with fewer Bipolar flare-ups.
  • The ability to deal with problems in a more positive way
  • Feeling hope for the future.
  • Feeling more confident.
  • Improved physical health and stamina, she can now walk for miles
  • Improved asthma, she doesn’t depend on her inhaler as much.

Emotions can run deep and for this particular person, she admitted that she didn’t feel as good as she did now before she had gained weight that she has been trying to lose and believes that,

‘New You has just honestly saved my life and has made me happier than I’ve ever in my life been.’ 

What a testament to the New You Plan, but the pat-on-the-back has to go to this wonderful lady, who set herself a goal to change her life and put her all into achieving it. It is the hard work and determination of the individual that wins out here, the New You Plan just offers up the tools and support.


With a whopping 91 comments and counting, the Secret Slimmers community agreed that this woman deserved all the praise she could get-they said,


‘You’re so inspiring…and you look a million dollars too’

‘You look great!!! And your posts keep us upbeat!’

‘What a difference…you were beautiful b4 hun but this has brought your personality out and its shining and brightening up our days…well done xxx’

What stood out the most for the community wasn’t necessarily the transformation in her weight but the transformation of her smile:

‘You look so happy well done…’

‘Look at you! So fantastic and lovely to see you happy’

You look so well and happy, what an amazing achievement!xx’


There are so many of these along with a sprinkling of ‘oh wow,’ ‘beautiful,’ and ‘what a transformation.’ So many uplifting compliments. Tuesday’s are so feel-good!


If you’re not already, we really recommend that you get yourself involved in transformation Tuesday. You don’t have to post yourself but feel free to bask in the inspiration and maybe add an uplifting comment or two! It could really benefit you and your weight loss journey.

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