Losing Weight Is More Than a Numbers Game

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OK so are you ready to lose weight for the LAST TIME?

YES?! Good stuff.

That means it is time to say CHEERIO to the overweight you, every day from now on you are on a journey, gaining momentum to become a slimmer healthier version of you.

The overweight person you are now is no more, the future is bright, and you are going to get slim, healthy, fit, toned, stylish, and fabulous.

So say your goodbye and capture you as you are now.

Taking a before photo is a very valuable experience.

Let”s face it, when we are over weight and feeling uncomfortable and uneasy in our skin, we just do not want to get our photograph taken.  When was the last time you got your photo taken?

A photography can tell you more than a set of scales.

Losing weight is more than some numbers dropping on a set of scales – LOSING WEIGHT IS EVERYTHING.

It is the way you smile 🙂

It is the twinkle in your eye 😉

It is the glow of your healthy skin 😀

It is the way you stand

It is the clothes you wear

It is the inner glow of confidence

It is the the excitement and potential of what and who you can be!

Scales do not reflect all of these amazing changes.

Scales just tell the numbers.  And numbers are GOOD – they help us measure our progress, but the progress is fully YOU, inside and out.

I urge you today to take a photo.

Capture who you are today.

Take photos throughout your journey.

Get camera happy!

Don’t be shy…


Love who you are today, because who you are today, is a tiny little bit better than yesterday, you are getting healthier, slimmer, fitter, happier.,..

Capture the journey…

And always remember the journey does not end when you get to your target weight, a new journey begins….

To take a good before photo please click here and download our FREE tip sheet on how to take a good before photo.

I would love it if you could take this photo and then when you get further into your weight loss journey maybe you could share them with the new you dieting community, to help and inspire other people, of what is possible.

You can also join the new you diet online forum www.newyoufriends.com where you can share your weight loss photographs with other new you dieters.


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