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Journalling is widely recognised to be a common denominator when people achieve real change in their lives, as it gives us time to reflect and think things through.

When you write down your thoughts, you suddenly become a lot clearer about how you really think about things.  Sometimes life is just so darn busy that we don’t take the time out to listen to our own inner voice.

We view relaxing as sitting in front of the television mindlessly flicking through the channels…. of surfing facebook in the hope that someone somewhere will post something remotely interesting or even better, something scandalous!

This month, when you are on Total Food Replacement take some time out to THINK, REFLECT and delve into what is going on inside your mind, and what you can learn from this experience to help you when it comes to time for refeed and to get razor focused on why you are committed to this goal so that you can be 100% determined to get through the Christmas Party season without undoing all of your good work.

Journalling about your weight loss is recommended by almost every type of diet, writing down your thoughts, and also recording what goes into your body and what energy you are expending on a daily basis will give you the opportunity to not only reflect on your thoughts but to analyse your lifestyle, choices, routines and habits on a daily basis.

I highly recommend you practice journalling this month and would like to give you as a free gift a ebook journal from the New You Diet Plan that you can download and print off.  Fill this in every evening, and keep track of your progress.

Remember “What gets measured always improves”

Click here to download your free copy of the New You 7 Day Workbook Journal.

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