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Laura Claims Back Her Slimmer Figure With New You

Laura Claims Back Her Slimmer Figure With New You

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Over the last few years, we’ve shared with you so many success stories that tell of people’s journeys toward goals such as weight loss, a slimmer figure or a healthier body. From that, you’ve given us amazing feedback about how inspired you’ve been. There’s one story in particular that gets regular comments, still (after many years), so we thought we’d give it a bit of a refresh and share it with you again-especially for those who’ve not seen it. 

If you’ve not read her story before, Laura was a woman who felt trapped by the weight she had gained over the years. She found herself fat, frumpy and miserable. 

She spent her teenage years a size 8 but feared her slimmer figure was long gone now that she was in a rut. That was until she saw how well a colleague was doing on the Plan. A leap of faith led to a loss of over 4 stone and 4 dress sizes. 

Discover below how Laura’s dream of becoming her old self came true and advice on how you could do the same too.


New You: Laura, tell us how you were feeling before you started the New You Plan.

Laura: I felt fat, frumpy, paranoid, unhealthy and generally just fed up with myself. I really wasn’t happy about my weight and knew I had to do something about it. Having been a size 8 before, I  just didn’t feel like myself being overweight. I was a skinny girl trapped in a fat person’s body. 

I’ve always loved clothes but felt like however I dressed, I didn’t look good. It wore me down over the years until I felt like I’d totally lost the person I was. And so, I vowed to do something about it once and for all.


Discovering New You

New You: So, once you were determined, how did you discover the New You Plan?

Laura: There was a woman at work who had lost a lot of weight and she looked fabulous. I asked her what her secret was and she told me about the New You Plan. Googling it, I found and read loads of the success stories. I loved the idea of Secret Slimmers being there to support me, with one community, and family in on it together. And so, I placed my first order to give it a whirl. 

I couldn’t believe the results. After just one week, I was already feeling more like myself. That big first-week loss was the perfect incentive to keep me going and get back my slimmer figure.


New You: So many people get inspired by the success stories! Has being on the Plan changed your life in any way?

Laura: Definitely! I love that I can now get up in the morning and get dressed stress-free. I no longer have to worry about looking fat in a particular skirt or dress. It sounds silly but it saves me so much time in the morning. Not having this stress gets my day off to a better start, so generally, I’m much happier! It’s such an amazing feeling being able to throw on what I want with no concern about whether my belly is sticking out. I feel so much lighter on my feet. I have tons more energy and I feel and look so much healthier. My life has one hundred per cent changed for the better.

Laura now has energy to run
Running is excellent exercise to stay healthy.

Staying on Track

New You: Tell us, what has been your biggest motivator in staying on track?

Laura: The main thing for me was that I wanted to feel like myself again. When losing weight, you should only do it for yourself. You need to be fully committed to your own journey and be clear on exactly why you are doing it. You have to want to lose weight. That should be your biggest motivator and it was definitely mine.


New You: We know that it’s not all about the scales, so what has been your biggest non-scale victory?

Laura: Fitting into size 8 clothes for the first time since I was 16! It was an amazing feeling and something I never thought would happen to me again. As someone who loves clothes, going shopping for a whole new wardrobe has been lovely. I’ve been playing around with my style more and loving it!


New You: A new you and a new wardrobe! Other than shopping, what has been your happiest memory since becoming a size 8 again?

Laura: With losing weight, I have so much more energy and my health has improved. This led to me taking up running and when I was able to run a mile without stopping for the first time ever, it felt incredible.


New You: That’s a fantastic achievement! Have you had any compliments since reaching your goal?

Laura: When people tell me that I inspire them to lose weight, it makes me so happy! I love that my weight loss can motivate others to start their own journey.


The Best Meals & Snacks

New You: The motivation has come full circle. You were inspired by others’ successes and now you are doing the same! Can you recommend any particular New You products? We’d love to know your favourite New You meals and Snacks.

Laura: Honestly, I love them all, but in particular, I absolutely adore the Chocolate Caramel Muesli. It’s definitely my favourite and I could easily have that every day, even when I am off plan!

Laura loves New You muesli
Chocolate caramel muesli is good anytime!

New You: It’s definitely a popular choice and no harm in having it any time! Do you have any advice to offer anyone thinking of starting the New You Plan?

Laura: I would say stay focused, think of the reason why you started this journey in the first place. Visualise where you could be in a couple of months if you stay on track now. Today’s choices define tomorrow’s outcome! Also, your water intake is so important so remember to sip sip sip!!

Laura now dresses stress free
Laura doesn’t stress because everything looks great!

Feel Inspired?

Laura was someone who was inspired by the results of others on the Plan and now her own story has been shared in the hopes it will do the same.

Whether you want to lose half a stone or 10 stone, have a slimmer figure or are just looking to get maximum nutrition in minimum time, then New You can make the perfect partner to get you to where you want to be.

Not sure? Try our 7-day bundle and see what you can achieve in a week. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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