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Dan Quickly Got His Weight Under Control With The New You Plan

Dan Quickly Got His Weight Under Control With The New You Plan

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Foster parent and business owner Dan has always suffered from fluctuating weight. Now he’s finally mastered the scales and got his weight under control, with the help of the New You Plan. Healthier and fitter than ever before, Dan has decided to share his story with you to offer up hope and inspiration.


NY: Hi Dan. So tell us, how much weight have you lost to date with the New You Plan?

DAN: I lost 3 stone 2 lbs in 3 months.


NY: How did you discover the New You Plan?

DAN: I happened to be in the hairdressers and a friend was in there, and I noticed she’d lost loads of weight. I asked her how she’d done it and answered that it was the New You Plan. She said it was based on being in ketosis but it was all their own products; they even let you have crisps, and I was like – what? 

During the first lockdown I did keto and lost 4 stone, so I understand the principles of the New You Plan and knew it would work for me. Once places reopened though, and my businesses became busy again, the weight just piled on. So when I got home I Googled the New You Plan and ordered a starter pack and loved it. 


NY: How did you feel before starting the New You Plan?

DAN: I felt a bit anxious because I knew I had to make an effort to lose weight again, but I wasn’t really sure how I was going to do it. And if I’m honest, I kept putting it off. But I felt groggy and tired all the time. I really lacked energy and motivation.


First Impressions

NY: What was your first impression of the Plan?

DAN: It was great, with quick results, without feeling like I had to try. The first couple of days I felt a little hungry. But I Intentionally followed everyone else’s recommendation of significantly increasing my water intake and the feeling went away. The only negative was getting through those first few hungry days – but water solved that. It’s strange now because I never used to feel thirsty, but now I do and I sometimes crave water! So I now get plenty of it.

It’s great that I don’t have to think about it, I can just grab something as and when. I don’t have to worry about putting a meal together. The convenience of it and that it’s keto-based is perfect for me. The thing I struggled with on keto was all the planning and having to fit it around everyone in the house.  My New You products literally get delivered to my door and I know I’m sorted for the next few weeks!



NY: What are your favourite meals or snacks? 

DAN: The crisps have been my saviour, as on keto I didn’t get to have any treats and now I have New You crisps most days. The biggest thing with New you is that you don’t feel like you’re missing out on treats even though you’re on a diet plan. Other brands don’t give you that option which could lead to you giving up. 

The crisps have been Dan's saviour in keeping his weight under control.
Dan loves that he doesn’t feel like he’s missing out on treats with the New You Plan.


NY: Do you have a set routine whilst following the Plan?

DAN: In winter I love the asparagus soup. My normal routine is that I usually have one of the bars somewhere between 10 and 12 and that curbs my hunger for most of the day. Then around about four o’clock I usually have a soup or a shake. My favourite is definitely strawberry flavour, I’m addicted to it. I usually spread the rest of my packs over the evening, sometimes having a couple together. I’ll often have my crisps towards the end of the day if I’m going to have them. If I don’t have crisps then I’ll have a cup of tea with a pack of New You biscuits. I don’t usually have both, but I have had both!  


Non-Scale Victories

NY: What would you say was your biggest non-scale victory?

DAN: What this Plan’s done for me is allowed me to get back to running again, in a short space of time. In my first week, I lost a stone and it helped me make a start with short-distance running. I could feel I’d lost a stone and it helped me move more easily. At first, I took it slowly, but after being on the Plan for 5 or 6 weeks I started regularly running while sticking to the Plan. I can now go running every day. 


NY: What would you say was your biggest motivator?

DAN: Fitting into clothes that I haven’t for years! Being able to buy small holiday clothes! I now wear t-shirts that are more close fitting, whereas before I’d buy t-shirts that were oversized to hide everything.

Dan has his weight under control and is looking forward to his holiday.
Dan admits to blipping but knows being 100% on Plan will get the weight off.

Life Changing

NY: How would you say that the Plan has changed your life?

DAN: My life is mental, you wouldn’t believe how much stuff I do. And that’s partly why New You works for me. I don’t have to think about it. I don’t have to plan meals or anything. We foster 3 children permanently and do short breaks for others. Plus I own a group of pubs and cafes which I’m MD for. I’ve also been running a charity for 9 years. So I’m exceptionally busy. I’ve always been somebody who struggles with their weight. It’s always gone up or down in the extreme. I would go on holiday and easily put on a stone.

New You’s made managing my figure a lot easier. And it’s not just about the weight either. I feel a lot more comfortable in myself. I’m fitter and healthier and I really don’t have to think about what I’m eating. The only thing I have to do is to remember to reorder when I get low on packs. It’s just so simple. 

I also love that I now feel comfortable having some weekends off Plan. So if I’ve got a party to go to or something I don’t feel guilty about what I eat because come Monday I can just hop back on the Plan and any weight I’ve put on will be gone in a few days. The Plan makes me feel that I have my weight under control.


NY: How has your health improved?

DAN: I have more energy and don’t get breathless when I go running. I really noticed how my weight affected my breathing when I tried to get back into running during Covid. But now I can run up hills again and breathe normally. 


Happy Memories

NY: Do you have any happy memories since being on the New You Plan?

DAN: Lots of people are noticing that I’ve lost weight which is nice. A couple of people mentioned it when I was about six weeks in and I hadn’t even noticed myself! I mean, I knew I had because the scales told me but I couldn’t see it. Even yesterday, someone asked me where my belly was! It’s so nice to get compliments as it pushes me to keep going, to keep my weight under control and gives me confidence.


NY: What advice would you offer to anyone who was thinking about starting the New You Plan?

DAN: Just give it a go, because once you see the initial results, you won’t want to stop. If you’re someone who struggles with their weight, I can definitely say that the Plan works and the results can happen quickly. Plus there’s so much to choose from. Some other diets have just shakes but with New You, you’ve got a really good variety of products and you’ve got the treats too. Especially the crisps! There’s no other plan that offers them, that I’m aware of!

Personally, I can’t believe that I lost weight so quickly – 3 stone in 3 months! If you want those sorts of results then just give it a try! It’s really the best way to keep your weight under control.

Dan doesn't have to think about what to eat & has his weight under control.
Dan now feels the benefit of eating healthier with New You.

Celebrating Success

We’re so pleased that Dan finally conquered his yo-yo-ing and got his weight under control with the help of New You. And the fact that the Plan slotted straight into his hectic life is one of the reasons that the products are designed the way they are.

Losing 3 stone 2lbs has made a lot of difference to Dan. He is healthier and has been able to take up running again, as well as finding some more confidence and motivation to stay on track.

If you have some weight to lose, or would like to feel healthier, then you’ve got nothing to lose by giving the New You Plan a try. You can even grab a kickstart bundle and get everything you need to begin at a bargain price.

It’s never been simpler to keep your weight under control.


There’s a Story In Everyone

If you have a story to share, whether you’re part way through your journey or are maintaining your goal weight, then we’d love to hear about it. Just reach out to our friendly customer service team at [email protected].

As a thank you, If we feature you on our blog, we’ll give you some New You credit!

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