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“I’m Getting My Weight Loss Journey Back On Track Thanks To New You”

“I’m Getting My Weight Loss Journey Back On Track Thanks To New You”

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After losing 3 stone in 3 months, Carerra thought she could do it alone! However, 9 months later, she was back to her original weight. Here, she shares why doing the plan second time round is different, why she will be keeping it off, as well as her amazing advice for anyone thinking of getting started.

Getting Started Again…

My New You Plan journey began in 2022. After losing 3 stone in 3 months with the plan by Easter, I started to think “I can do this on my own”.

I have always had an issue with my weight. 22 years ago I lost a lot of weight and kept it off for 18 years. I also previously held my own class for another weight loss company so I knew exactly what I had to do.

I came off Plan in April 2022 and very foolishly I put all of the weight back on. Fast forward to 2023 and I decided enough was enough. Aged 53, and menopausal I got the dreaded “middle age spread”. I just didn’t look to see just how much I had actually “spread”.

Week 1

On 2nd January 2023 I started The New You Plan again. To be honest, my first week was daunting. I was embarrassed that I had to rejoin and felt absolutely gutted that I was back to 16st 3lb.

Glynis, who is one of the Admins in the Secret Slimmers and every member of the group were so lovely and I immediately felt that I “belonged” again. On day one I was really panicking but I got through it and was so pleased with myself. I had my two shakes, a bar, crisps and a risotto. The main thing which was keeping me on track was the fact that I was able to have crisps and a bar at night time sitting down with my husband.

Days 2-4 were a little bit tougher. I was feeling a bit tired but I knew that around day 5 my energy levels would increase. And oh my goodness did they increase!!! The energy was phenomenal. I realised that I missed the feeling of being in control of my eating and also I really missed the energy and the fact that I felt so alive. Gone was the “fuzzy” head and everything just seemed more doable and achievable.

I have quite a few illnesses and I suffer terribly from fibromyalgia and I have arthritis in all of my joints and it has now spread to my whole spine so I knew I had to take control of my diet again. I was even unable to walk around the house as the base of my back was in agony.

Day 7 arrived and I was very excited to weigh. I knew there was a slight improvement in my mobility but I wasn’t sure if I had actually lost a lot of weight. To my amazement, I had lost 9lb in one week. I was absolutely delighted with myself. At this time my husband said he too would like to try the plan. He ordered his packs and started with me in the middle of January. He had only 1 stone to lose but like myself he knew he needed that extra help.

Weeks 2 – 7

Week 2 was actually far easier for me as I had the extra support with my husband doing the plan too. We treated it like a competition between us and it really spurred me on. I lost another 4lbs which meant I had nearly 1 stone off in two weeks. I was absolutely amazed.

For the next few weeks my loses were around the 2lb to 4lb mark and it was around this time that I had those “doubts”. Do I need to continue with the plan or go it alone? I reminded myself what I did last year after stopping and I decided I definitely needed the encouragement and support of the Secret Slimmers group to continue.

It is now at the end of week 7 and I have exactly 2 stone off. But more important than this, the improvement in my mobility and mood is just amazing.

How I felt before starting again…

For 10 weeks at the end of 2022 I had gone in to my “reclusive “ mode. I hadn’t even visited my friend Jenny, who only lives next door, or my sisters and I did not wear makeup for that time. I wouldn’t leave the house until it was dark and the only place I went to was the local shop.

I’m still on the Plan and I intend to stay on it. I would ideally love to lose another 3 stone and this time I will definitely be listening to the advice from the New You Plan and use their “Switch” plan to maintain my weight loss.

I believe that the reason I am totally committed this year is that I know this Plan works. I know I can not do this alone and I also know that without the support of the Secret Slimmers Group and the admin staff at the office that I could not do this at all.

My Top Tips For Success…

The thing I would say to anyone wondering if they should or shouldn’t try the Plan, is DO IT. It works and the results speak for themselves. Remember that it has to be something that you want to do for yourself and not for anyone else. My tip is to chose an outfit from your wardrobe that you want to wear again. Place it somewhere that you will see it every day and remind yourself why you are doing this.

One of the best “tools” I would absolutely encourage people to purchase is the Magical Transformation Journal. When you read what Julie-Ann says in the first few pages, it spurs you on and you just feel that yes, you can do it. Every morning I fill in each page and every morning I write what my goals are. This Journal is not just about your weight loss, it is very therapeutic. I would be lost without it.

I am Coeliac and normally other plans do not cater for my dietary needs but the New You Plan certainly does. I have a fantastic selection of food to choose from. What people will realise is that it is so quick and simple to just choose 4/5 packs a day and that is it. I have found that I do not like cooking anymore and the simplicity of this Plan takes a lot of stress away.

When I go out now for coffee, which I have to thank the Plan for, I take one of my bars with me and while my friends and family are tucking in to their food I am still able to enjoy mine.

Remember Your “WHY”

When you stay on Plan your confidence increases and you feel that you really can achieve your ideal weight. Yes some days might be a bit of a struggle, but always remember WHY you started this in the first place. Remember what your dreams and goals initially were and if you are feeling stuck or tempted to stop, please just go on to the Secret Slimmers Group and talk to the members. Every person in the group is doing exactly the same as you so everyone will support you and give you that extra bit of encouragement to continue.

I make my shakes into blancmange and divide them between 4 small bowls every day. I also make 4 bowls of jelly every morning so that in the evenings I have 8 bowls of “desserts” ready to eat while watching tv. The evening times were always my worst so having my “desserts” every night is a treat. The reason I divide them is that when you look at them on your tray your mind is thinking “8 desserts”. This is the main thing for me and I know I absolutely could not cope without them.

When my family asked me last week how I was losing weight I told them about the Plan. All of my family have weight issues and I, believe it or not, am the slimmest (I know 16st 3lb is not slim). I told my sisters about the Plan and of course they came up with excuses as to why I should not be on the Plan. I came home and was feeling quite deflated but my son and his girlfriend were visiting and I asked them both (my son is a nurse and his girlfriend is a doctor) what they thought about me doing the Plan. They both checked the book and realised that I was in fact getting more nutrients from the Plan than what I would have been getting by going back to my old way of eating. I couldn’t ask for a better incentive to keep going.

My husband has lost his 1 stone with the Plan and he is now using “switch”. He too loves the simplicity of this Plan.

How My Life Has Changed…

Before I started I would have described myself as: Depressed, embarrassed, obese, reclusive, lethargic, sad, and in extreme pain. Since losing my 2 stone so far, I feel motivated, more confident, alive, happier, energised, and the main thing for me is that I am able to move around easier.

The pain at the bottom of my spine has eased and I am also able to breathe properly after I walk up stairs. I am no longer out of breath and I am so mindful that my weight must have been putting my body under immense pressure.
I am so excited to keep going as my son graduates this summer and I want to get my photo taken with my family and this time be at the front of the photo and not hiding behind anyone.

I am also going abroad this summer and every morning in my journal I write that I want to be a size 12-14 in clothes and my main goal is that I want the seatbelt on the aeroplane to actually be loose. Oh how excited I will be when that happens.

My top tips for anyone thinking of joining are:

  • Make sure and check in with Secret Slimmers Group on Facebook quite a few times each day and see how other members are doing. The motivation alone on the page inspires you to continue.
  • Realise when you are at your “weakest” and prepare for it. Mine as you know was evening time but now I have found my solution to that.
  • Remember exactly why you started the Plan or want to start it.
  • Have something visual as a reminder. Mine is my outfit hanging in my dressing room. I see it every morning and it keeps me on track.
  • Remember everyone is different and everyone loses weight differently so don’t compare yourself to others.
  • You have to want to do the Plan for you and not for anyone else.
  • This Plan is a success for a reason and that reason is that it absolutely WORKS.
  • Just go for it as you have absolutely nothing to lose, but your weight!!!!

Carerra Magee


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