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How to get into Ketosis Faster

How to get into Ketosis Faster

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The hardest part of the new you plan total food replacement diet is getting into ketosis. It can feel like quite a drag, but if you know the best way to do it, the easier it gets. I can move into ketosis very easily now without any real discomfort.

Once you are in ketosis; everything is easier.

Being in ketosis means you are burning fat. Your Hunger subsides, energy increases, and brain fog lifts!

In a nutshell; you feel good.

Ketosis is when your body switches its primary fuel source from the food you eat, to your body fat. It is a natural fat burning state.

When you body uses up all the glycogen, it will move to your body fat for fuel. This is why you don’t feel hungry or tired, because your body is tapped into all your excess fat, so it has ample energy to use. It is a very natural and safe state for your body to be in, and it feels great!

Our nutritionally complete very low calorie diet plan has been specifically created to give your body the right balance of calories, carbs, protein, fats, and vitamins and minerals so that it can get everything it needs to stay healthy, create a massive calorie deficit and stay in ketosis. You do not have to worry about counting anything, just pick 4 packs a day and drink 3-4 litres of water a day.

Getting into ketosis is the key to your success.

No body wants to be hungry and tired. Being HANGRY is not good for anyone! The faster you can get into ketosis, the better. Here are some tips to help make you get into ketosis FASTER.

3 Simple Steps to Easy Fast Ketosis

  1. At least one day before starting plan eat low carb. Ideally a few days before you could start replacing your breakfast with 2 new you replacements, and then eat a low carb lunch and dinner. That would mean eating eggs, meat, chicken, fish, salad, low carb veg, avocado, healthy fats, nuts. etc. – This will mean your glycogen levels are low in your body helping you to get into ketosis faster. If you eat pastries, sweets, chips, rice & pasta the night before starting plan, it could take you days to get into ketosis. This could mean days of discomfort.
  2. On the day of starting plan, if you can go for a good walk, or do a lot of housework, or gardening, this will help you to burn off the glycogen in your body fast, which will mean you fast track your body getting to fat burning state. If you wake up on the first day, and lie and watch TV it will take longer for you to get into ketosis.
  3. Drink plenty of water too, this will help you to feel well as you are moving into ketosis. If you can do a 24 hour water fast, you will move into ketosis very fast, especially after a day or two of low carb eating, and an active first morning.


Friday – 2 Days Before Starting Plan

Breakfast: New You Chocolate Shake & New You Coconut Bar

Lunch: Ham Omelette and Side Salad

Dinner: Sea Bass & Roasted Peppers with Green Beans

Saturday – The Day before Starting Plan

Breakfast: 8am: New You Oatmeal & New You Vanilla Iced Coffee Shake

Lunch: Noon: Chicken Salad

Dinner: 4pm Steak & Stir Fry Veg

5pm – Start Water Fast

Sunday: The day of starting plan

Wake Up 8am, drink water and black tea & coffe

9am: Go for a good walk or do housework

Continue to drink still water, sparkling water, black tea & black coffee.

If you can make it to 24 hours water fasting, then have your first pack at 4pm. If not then just go for as long as is comfortable for you. By going to noon you will still have achieved a 20 hour fast which is incredible and will really help you to get into ketosis faster!!

Monday: Day 2 – You Should be in ketosis.

You can have your 4 packs at any time of the day!

Every day you will find you get more settled into ketosis and feel better and better.

Even in the first week if you feel you cannot do total food replacement and you need to eat something else make sure it is low carb, this will mean the next day you will still be in ketosis. For maximum weight loss results – total food replacement will give the best results, but if you are going to eat off plan, do the least damage possible by sticking to low carb and staying in ketosis!

I hope this information is helpful to anyone who has been struggling to get into ketosis and through the first week on plan. Let me know if this helps you with getting into ketosis and finding success on plan. If you have any questions just ask me. 🙂


Julz xox

PS. Keep checking back everyday for my latest blog, I am going to be blogging every single day in 2020. I have set myself this challenge to improve my creativity and writing over the year! Also to keep myself accountable on my transformation journey! I appreciate your support and encouragement! 

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