Hele Week 18 Update: 62lbs lost*

After 18 weeks on plan, customer Hele has lost a pretty incredible 62lbs*. This week, we take a look at her progress so far (check out the amazing photos below). Plus, in her weekly vlog, Hele shares how she’s feeling and her top tips for success. Check out her vlog and read her words below… My meals plans this week

Hele’s Weekly Diet Vlog

This week’s diet vlog from Hele is perfect for anyone who is worried about re-feeding! Find out how she got on, as well as her top tips for handling it! A planned blip for her birthday led to Hele re-feeding, which can definitely be a daunting experience. Fearing the worst, Hele was convinced she would un-do her hard work, but

New You Plan Interview: Jackie Lost 4st 7lbs & 6 Dress Sizes

Before finding The New You Plan, Jackie Murphy was miserable. Working in an extremely stressful environment, and being subjected to bullying by her supervisor led to emotional eating, and ultimately, her weight gain. Over the years she has tried every diet plan out there. She was successful once but negative comments led to her piling the weight back on, and more.

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