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[Guest Blog] Influencer Sherelee’s Week 5 Results

[Guest Blog] Influencer Sherelee’s Week 5 Results

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After 5 weeks on plan, Instagram Influencer @kayceesworld aka Sherelee reveals she has lost 32lbs in 5 weeks and why this week saw BIG changes in her mindset.

Well week 5 is over and I am finally noticing a difference in how I look.

This hasn’t been my best week. Failing to prepare is preparing to fail… I left the house (twice) without my food. One of the times I was able to wait until I got home. The other, however resulted in a blip.

Before I would have really beat myself up for that blip, but this is a lifestyle change for me. This isn’t a quick fix. I’m in the for the long run. It’s going to totally change my relationship with food, it’s going to alter my frame of mind too. That does not happen overnight and I draw a line under mistakes and carry on.

Something really exciting happened this week too…We found the house we want to buy! Normally that would call for a celebration but I was a good girl and celebrated with a shake!

Also discovered this week the hot meals are so much nicer when you actually measure out the water and make it exactly how it says (whoops). I’d just been guessing how much water to put in, often leaving my dinner very dry. Not any more !

This is also the first week of me using the Drop a Jean Size Journal. It had lots of tips and lovely daily quotes to help you along the way as well as a water and emotion tracker .

This week’s loss is 4lbs making my total in 5 weeks 32 pounds. I can I will!

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