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[Julz Journal] How To Get Exactly What You Want

[Julz Journal] How To Get Exactly What You Want

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Get Exactly What You Want

Today, in her blog, Julz discusses how to get exactly what you want by following in the direction of your goals.

One thing I have found in life is that the more clearer you are on what you want, the more chances you have of actually get. The more confident you are about something, the more likely it will happen.

This is probably my all time favourite quote. It is from Henry David Thoreou…

Get exactly what you want

I think this quote is amazing! 🙂

Here’s why….

1.) You need to get clear on what you want YOUR NEW YOU TO BE!

How can you go confidently towards something if you do not know what you really want in life? In your weight loss journey this would be what style and size of clothes you want to wear when you get to your goal. What activities do you want to be doing everyday? How are you going to keep fit? Do you want to go to the gym? Have a personal trainer? Go swimming? Go to yoga? Go to cross fit? You need to get clear on what you want your new you to be!

Get exactly what you want

2.) Be confident, positive and happy TODAY! Enjoy the journey!

All we have is TODAY.  So be happy TODAY, no matter what size you are, or where you are, that does not matter. All that matters is that you are going in the right direction and that you are LOVING TODAY for what it is and for all the blessings that it brings you! Live with an attitude of gratitude! Love losing weight! Celebrate every pound! Love forming new healthy positive inspiring habits! Love saying goodbye to the things that are holding you back! Enjoy this amazing transformation process TODAY!

How to get exactly what you want

3.) Visualise yourself going about your life in the way you really want to live it!

Every. Single. Day. Visualise!! On the bus, in the waiting room, in bed, in the bath! Just create a vision of you living life on your terms, looking the way you want to look, being healthy, active, energised, buzzing for life! Spending time with the people you choose to spend time with, going to the places you want to go to, doing the things you want to do!! Imagine yourself at your slim, healthy target weight, wearing the clothes you want to wear and going about life the way you want to live it!

Do this 🙂 And not only will you enjoy life TODAY, BUT EVERYDAY. A year from now you will look back and think WOW!! How did I get here? It has been so flipping easy!

Get exactly what you want

Losing weight is easy if you CHOOSE it to be!

What do you choose? The easy path to a slim healthy new you, or staying stuck with excuses that are keeping you a prisoner of your own frustrations and overwhelm.  It doesn’t have to be that way…. you choose!


Julz x

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