Day 12: Damian’s Diet Diary on New You!*

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Day 12 – Lots of NEW PRODUCTS!! ūüėÄ

by The New You Plan on Friday, 04 November 2011 at 08:49
*Results may vary, this is not a guarantee.

My new pack arrived today! It was like Christmas Morning!!! It was the first time I tried the chicken soup, I blended it up with cold water and then warmed it up in a pan. It was really tasty, was great for lunch.¬†I ordered the Cool Cranberry Fibre boost drink. It’s really nice, makes a nice change to just plain old water, and some extra fibre is always good.¬† I also had the Maple and Almond fruit bar and a vegetable soup. I must admit, this diet defintely wins top prize for the tastiest/ palatable products.

There is very little drama with the diet. It has fitted in really well. Sure, there are a few difficult social moments, work lunches etc I am not sure whether it is ok to meet someone for lunch, let them order a big massive lunch, and then when it is my turn to order opt for a coffee and a fizzy water no lemon.. I kind of felt bad after that incident, but I think that is as bad and socially awkward as it gets.

I was just thinking today about how did I end up getting so overweight. I kind of didn’t realise it was happening. When I gave up smoking, I weighed about 17stone. After a week I felt so much healthier. But I didn’t notice pilling on 2 stone in 6 months or so. It was only made obvious to me from my clothes. But I always wore baggyish clothes, so even though they were getting tighter, they still fit. So I didn’t notice how much out of hand it was getting. It happened so easliy. I was genuinely shocked at my first weigh -in, 19stone 2lbs,¬†to me, the thats ¬†stuff I would hear about on TV on some weight loss programme about some guy who ate pizza for breakfast, KFC for lunch, chinese for dinner, and chocolate and crisps as snacks! I never eat fast food.¬†I am a bit of a food snob if the truth be told. If I wanted pizza, I would make the base, the sauce etc all myself. If I wanted a quiche or apple crumble, I would make them. I guess my problem was being able to make all these nice things. I always approach cooking with the mantra that ” If it’s worth doing , it’s worth doing well”

I now know I am going to have to change a lot. I won’t give up on my love of cooking, but instead I will have to embark on some new healthier receipes that will fit in with my new diet! I know I will be able to come up with stuff that is really healthy and tasty!¬† I feel a bit uneducated in the area of food and nutrition and diets, so I have decided that in the next few weeks I will try to educate myself, and come up with a diet that¬†I can be in control of, stick to , and be able to manage. Of course it will have to be an alcohol & meat friendly diet.. But after that I am easy.. I don’t even mind having to give up heineken, as long as I can have wine or vica versa.

I was also thinking about Christmas today. I bet I will look so different by then! That’s like 7 or 8 weeks away. I can’t imagine how I will look or feel then. It makes me excited even thinking about it! I really hope everyone who is on the plan like me, feels as excited about it as I do, and are having as good an experience.

Can you believe it is day 12 is over already? Amazing!



Take care



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