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Why Drinking Water Can Influence Your Weight Loss Results

Why Drinking Water Can Influence Your Weight Loss Results

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Drinking water

Did you know that drinking water could influence your weight loss? Here, we discuss exactly why we encourage you to sip, sip, sip, your 4 litres of water every day!

There are so many incredible benefits of drinking water. Our body is comprised of 80% water; it makes up nearly 85% of your brain, about 80% of your blood and about 70% of your lean muscle. This is why we need to be continually replenishing our body with fresh water. It is very difficult for our body to get water from anywhere else except fresh water. Soft drinks and alcohol rob our bodies of water and beverages such as coffee and tea are diuretics.

drinking water

Here are five amazing ways that drinking water can influence your weight loss results and shed those pesky pounds:

1. Water boosts your metabolism

Every time you eat or drink, your body has to work, burning calories to process whatever is coming in. The carbohydrates and proteins that our bodies use as food are metabolised and transported by water in the bloodstream.

Drinking water

2. Are you really hungry or are you just thirsty?

Sometimes we can confuse the two. It’s worth having a glass of water to work out if you really are hungry.

3. Water gets rid of those nasty toxins in your body…

In particular from the digestive tract. Flushing out the toxins will improve the clarity of our skin and actually reduce fat deposits in your body.

4. Water boosts energy levels

Dehydration has a very clever way of disguising itself as tiredness. By keeping your water levels up, that 3pm slump will vanish and you will crush your fitness goals.

5. Water regulates our cooling system…

Especially when partaking in moderate exercise. Studies have shown that sugar boosted sports drinks are not as effective as wonderful water.

Drinking water

Four litres may sound like a lot of water and a little daunting to consume in one day but soon it will become second nature to you. Keep a bottle in your bag and a couple in your desk drawer and each time you go to the kitchen, have a couple of sips. If you would like a speedier weight loss, more energy and beautiful clear skin, you know what you have to do!

So now you know how magical water is and why we encourage you to sip your water throughout the day. Drinking large amounts of water in one go is not advisable but little sips is absolutely perfect. Water is without a doubt the driving force to optimal weight loss.


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