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Day 06: No Free Food For Me Thank You Very Much!

Day 06: No Free Food For Me Thank You Very Much!

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We are in a hotel today and as part of the package all meals are free in the restaurant, that is breakfast, lunch and dinner!

I don’t think I ever remember being a hotel and being offered free breakfast, lunch and dinner, so it is slightly ironic that I will not be using my vouchers!  Instead I have my blender in my room and a selection of shakes, soups and bars and of course some new you hot chocolates (they are nice you should definitely try one – they are great for a wee night time cuppa!)

I’m feeling very relaxed about not eating, and I’m kind of doing some cool mind trick thing in my mind where I am keeping one eye on the end goal and the other eye on just focusing on today and enjoying the process.

Not much else to report today – all is good in the hood!

Catch you laters!

Julz x

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