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Day 07:  Doing the Discipline Dance…

Day 07: Doing the Discipline Dance…

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I have a sore throat. I think I have a golf ball growing in my throat actually!! Flip me it hurts  🙁

My husband said do you want me to get you some throaties? 

Me: No I cant take them on my diet

Him:  How about lockets?

Me: No Duhhhhh…. I can’t take anything like that at all on my diet!!

So I have had a few pain killers today and been drinking water and black coffee, had a hot soup tonight (made with some pepper stolen from the hotel restaurant while  my husband was down having his buffet!)

I’m feeling pretty happy with myself for staying on track even with the whole hotel stay and now the sore throat I have.

I realised tonight how much being disciplined actually makes you happy! So to celebrate I’m doing my new discipline dance!  It looks something like this!

When you think, say and do everything in alignment with your goal you will be happy.  I have found this so many times in my life, and I think it is especially true when  you are dieting.

If all your thoughts are focused on your goal, if all your conversation is about your healthy focus in life at the moment, and if all you do is consistently take the small steps every day towards your goal – you won’t just get to your goal in super fast time, but you will really enjoy the process, even if you do get a sore throat and have to refuse lots of lovely free hotel food!!

My first week is nearly over and I have had so many events that could have given me an “excuse” to give up.  Thankfully I haven’t and I feel good for that.

Tomorrow is my first weigh in day, but as I am in a hotel I won’t be able to do it!! So I will be jumping on the scales when I get home.  I am expecting about 8-10 pounds for my first weigh in, but I guess we will have to wait and see!



*Results may vary, this is not a guarantee.


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