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[Customer Interview] Sandra loses 42lbs* With The New You Plan

[Customer Interview] Sandra loses 42lbs* With The New You Plan

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*Weight loss results may vary and are different for each individual.

To begin with, my name is Sandra, Im originally from Lithuania and came to Ireland in 2007 and lived here since and call it home.


I am a very busy person with a very busy lifestyle, I work full time and study part time.


All my life I was overweight and all my life since I can remember my dream was to lose weight so I can wear beautiful clothes. I have tried a lot of different diets and some of them really worked but nothing long term.


Last September I got promoted and that meant that I started working longer hours, on top of that I had college twice per week and I drove to Dublin (from Monaghan) on my days off.




Having very little free time to eat properly I started choosing easy and fast food options because I was too tired to cook or I had no time to do that. I knew I put some weight on but I never realised how much until I started feeling so uncomfortable in my clothes that I had stepped on the scale. And… This was me the heaviest I have ever been. I panicked and started looking for diet’s that would be easy to follow and would suit my busy lifestyle.


Accidentally, I have found The New You Plan on Facebook and I was amazed by the before and after pictures and the feedback that people gave on how easy was to follow. I loved the idea, that all the meals are almost ready, you only have to heat it pretty much. I knew it was the solution for me! I have ordered 1 week bundle and thought I am gonna give this a try. And after 5 days I bought another 2 Week bundle.


AND I STAYED 100% ON PLAN FOR THE WHOLE 12 WEEKS! I still cannot believe it.


The meals are lovely, I love risotto and cottage pie the most from the meals and bars, especially the caramel one and nutty fudge. I also loved baking muffins from porridge…


I started the plan on the 15th of April weighing 14.4 stone. Finished my 12 weeks on the 8th July at 11.4 stone. That is from size 16 to a size 12 or big 10.

This is the most I have ever lost when dieting.

The New You Customer Service is amazing, always get an answers to a question in minutes and the Secret Slimmers group on FB is absolutely fabulous – the best support team. I have never felt that I was doing it on my own, the support I felt was incredible.




I can not find the right words to describe how I feel, I’ve never thought that its possible to feel so good in your own body. My friends and family cannot believe how much I have changed. I feel so different, so confident and just simply amazing!


I am on the Re-feed for two weeks at the moment, but I am not finished yet, I will be back on TRF to lose another stone or two to be at my ideal weight.


I went out for the first time in 12 weeks last Saturday and I was overwhelmed by the amount of compliments I had received 😀


I would like to thank everyone in New You once again, for this amazing plan and everyone in Secret Slimmers and Momentum Maintainers groups for guiding me through. It really means a lot to me.


 Love Sandra xxxx




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