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[Customer Interview] Clare Loses 37lbs* with The New You Plan

[Customer Interview] Clare Loses 37lbs* with The New You Plan

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*Weight loss results may vary and are different for each individual.

Hey Guys 😀 I am Clare Neilson and I am from Gravesend-Kent, I’m a busy working mum. I have 2 kids, a son who is 12 years old and a daughter Who is 13 years old. I have now been married for 15 years.


I work as a Project Manager for Network Rail (High Speed) and am based between Kent and London. I have only been in this role for six months but have worked in this industry for 8 years. Days can be crazy and a good routine keeps us all grounded.


I joined a gym class two weeks after starting new you and believe this has really helped with my journey. I recently took part in a weight lifting competition and credit New You for giving me the confidence to do something like this.

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Tell us about when you started the plan –


What moment or event started your weight loss journey?


I was just totally fed up of being overweight and having bad drinking habits. I’ve tried all the popular diets over the years and lost weight but put it all back on and more.


How did you hear about us?


I saw an ad on Facebook



What made you decide to join The New You Plan?


I wanted to try something completely strict and rigid. I’d heard of ketosis before and had never managed to achieve it.


What plan have you been following through The New You Plan, Fast Focus, Fresh Focus or Family Focus?


I did Fast Focus for 8 weeks then re-feed and holiday then fresh focus in last few weeks as was ill and on antibiotics but now back on fast focus for July.


Why did you choose the plan option i.e. Fast focus?


The fact that you had to be strict, no alcohol and no ‘treats’. All or nothing.





How long have you been on the plan?


I have been on plan for 3 months now.


How much weight have you lost?


From 28th March. Monday after Easter 2016 I have lost a total of 2 stone 9 lbs*


How many jean sizes have you lost?


Started in an size 18 now a size 12 (3 sizes)

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Tell us about what you enjoyed while doing the plan


How has the support of the New You team helped you?


It’s been a life saver some days. They are all great.


Tell us what meals you enjoyed and why?


Banana, vanilla, hazelnut and chocolate shakes. Omelette, Spicy noodle nosh, veg chilli. They taste lovely, absolutely yummy!


What was your daily menu- please provide breakfast lunch dinner tea and favourite snack?

  • I have a banana shake with PFB for breakfast

  • A bar or another shake at lunch

  • The same mid-afternoon.

  • I have double dinner on gym days usually chilli and omelette.











Would you recommend customers to join secret slimmer’s?


Yes. Its brilliant, so motivational and friendly.


When you need a boost they are there but no pressure to join in you can post or just read others stories. Such a lovely group!


Did you enter the weight loss challenges i.e. leader board? If yes explain how this helped you stay focused?


It’s always in your mind that you are accountable, someone does know but also cares about how you’re doing. Tash will send positive messages if someone’s had a bad week. I love it!




Tell us about how you feel now?


How do you feel now after losing your weight?


I feel so amazing. Full of life and vitality, l feel younger and able to do anything!


What weight are you now?


I am now 12st 9lb – I am so happy!!




What dress size are you now?




Have you reached your goal?


No not yet, I am working towards it 🙂


If you have not reached your goal what is your goal and how much more do you want to lose?


I want to lose at least another stone but would be over the moon with 2 stone.


How has your weight loss impacted positively on your ever day life?


I feel more confident and am excited to try new things. I feel so positive and am annoyingly motivated at work. I have a good fitness routine and my general well being is  sky high.


What was the nicest compliment you received since reaching your weight loss goal or current weight loss?


I’ve been called a ‘Skinny Minnie’ by friends  and my husband calls me tiny.


Do you feel your mind-set has changed with following the plan for example do you feel you have a better understanding of food and this will help you not to go back to old habits?


Yes. I think I will follow a high protein, Keto diet going forward. It’s easy to make healthy choices. I’ve researched keto diets and recipes and feel really prepared. The re-feed was a great boost I maintained my weight loss and really enjoyed the taste of ‘real’food again. I had a few meals ‘out’ and found that main chains like Nando’s, beefeater and Harvester offer great high protein, low carb meals. Most supermarkets have ‘quick grab’ high protein snacks available and M&S now do protein pots , perfect for lunch on the go. It’s easy to eat right.


Tell us more


Do you have any favourite sayings, quotes, or anything that inspires you?


Dream, believe, achieve. If it doesn’t challenge you it won’t change you. Fake it to make it (no one else knows)!


If you were to give advice to anyone considering starting a weight loss journey, what would you say?


You’ve got nothing to lose except the weight! It’s not easy at the start but becomes like second nature. The results speak for themselves.




What tips would you offer someone who is thinking about starting their weight loss journey but has not yet made the decision to join the new you plan?


  • The support is amazing but not in a forced way like other diets with groups.

  • No fat shaming only encouragement and motivational stories. The secret slimmer’s group is amazing and I found so many other people who I felt are just like me.

  • I also like the maintainers group for support and enjoyed sharing new pictures of foods and recipes.


Love Clare <3 xxxx

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