Customer interview
[Customer Interview] Louise Loses 50lbs* in 12 weeks with The New You Plan

[Customer Interview] Louise Loses 50lbs* in 12 weeks with The New You Plan

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I’VE LOST 50lbs IN 12 WEEKS! 

*Weight loss results may vary and are different for each individual.


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Hi All ??

My name is Louise


I am 41 years old and live in a beautiful rural part of Devon.

I have 4 kids aged 7,9,11 and 19 and I work as a Probation Officer and Psychological Therapist I tipped the scales at 18st 12 at the start of this year – which is often the weight I find myself after a period of indulgence over Christmas and New Year.


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Each year for the last 10, I have managed to shift a stone or two , only to put it all back on gradually over the year . In many ways, I am very fortunate. I have got a good relationship with my body, I never look at myself and feel hatred, and perhaps that has been part of the problem over the years.

I have always had attractive boyfriends and now a husband, have bought nice clothes, have been confident in myself and haven’t ever attached life’s problems to how I look.

I have never thought “if only I was thinner so and so would be better …” In my experience, that message that so many women give them selves and each other is dangerous and untrue.

Anyway, last year, I noticed that when I went to the cinema, the chair was a little tight, when I got on the airplane to go on my annual trip to Bali, I could only just do up the seatbelt…. Only just.

When I met my three gorgeous slim friends in a restaurant in Bali, I could not fit in the small plastic chair around the table . It was the first time I felt ashamed of my size. I also started to get a sore lower back. I started to realise that I had let things get out of control, in fact I was being out of control and reckless. I have given myself so much freedom around eating, that it had led to me starting to lose some freedom. I started to think that in order to care for myself truly, I might need to be more disciplined!

That’s where New You came into play. I googled other Very Low Calorie Diets and was put off by having to have counselling or meet in real life with others – I didn’t think that was going to be for me. Having support via the secret slimmers page on Facebook has been brilliant as I can do it whilst at work or wherever I am ( don’t tell my boss!)

So I bought 6 weeks worth of goods and committed to going for 12 weeks of TFR. I have found it really straightforward and I enjoy the food packs. The broth is a lifesaver, as are the crisps when I fancy a bit of crunch. I also love the coconut bars, vegetable chilli and the carbonara, which I rotate religiously!

I have stayed 100% and have lost 50lbs* in 12 weeks!!

I have changed my mindset so that I think about the new you products as being nurturing and caring for me, rather than depriving me of anything. This has really helped.

I started Refeed 2 days ago and am sitting on a plane with my family to Florida as I type. I plan to do one protein meal a day whilst I’m away and then come back and do a further 2 weeks of TFR , then I’m in Bali for 10 days and then I want to do another 12 weeks on plan to get to my goal of 10 stone 12.


In my work, I am inspired daily by other people who are trying to make big changes to their lives, so making changes to what I put in my mouth feels like a small effort in comparison. People started to notice that I’d lost weight around the 3 stone mark.

I have lots more energy, my skin looks good, I feel like walking more and I am more clear in my energy. My daughter touched my tummy the other day and said “you’re straight!” in 7 years she has never seen me with a flattish tummy.

Another fist pump moment today…. I sat in my seat on the plane and did my seat-belt up with ease … With a good 10 inches to spare. A sheer delight.

My tips for keeping on track are:

✅ Tell your family and friends why you are doing this – that it is about you caring for yourself and ask them clearly for the kind of support you need.

✅ Buy yourself some nice clothes that make you look great. Be kind to yourself every day.

✅ Look yourself in the eyes in the mirror. See and acknowledge what is beautiful; and if you can’t see it, try harder and be kinder to yourself, because we all have something good inside of us that we need to start loving more.


I hope anyone starting this journey manages to get where they want to be. I am only halfway through and feel the most excited and motivated I’ve been in years. See you soon for phase 2!!!!

Lots of Love

Louise ???


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