Customer interview
[Customer Interview] Junni loses 65lbs* on TFR

[Customer Interview] Junni loses 65lbs* on TFR

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*Weight loss results may vary and are different for each individual.

Junni Is one of our slimmers who has well and truly transformed herself into a person that she is proud of! She started The New You Plan weighing in at 13 stone 7 lbs, feeling tired, sluggish, embarrassed and she didn’t have any confidence at all …. she wasn’t happy!!

I asked her if she would like to share with us her weight loss journey and she was more than happy to. This is what makes our slimmers so AMAZING they are always willing to help others out when it come to losing weight.

Watch Junni’s Video NOW to hear all about her weight loss journey and find out how much weight she has lost! <3

Junni told us that she works in an industry in which it is frowned upon if you are over weight and this made her feel embarrassed and unhappy, she knew something had to change!!


One Day she decided to go for it and place her first order with us which was going to last her for 50 days! Determination and motivation is key when doing ANY Total Food Replacement diet – Junni had both with the support for everyone in Secret Slimmers’s, all the staff and her friends.

Junni Has shocked herself and everyone around her as she has made such a transformation – Junni has lost a total of 4 stone* exactly so now she is weighing 9 stone 7 lbs!!! She told me that she only has 14 lbs to go to reach her final target of 8 stone 7 lbs or 8 stone 10 lbs etc. She just wants to be in the 8 stone bracket!!

Look at her Transformation!!!!!



Secret Slimmers has helped Junni stay on track and gain her confidence back!! The group is AMAZING there is endless amount of support from everyone – whether you are having a good day or a bad day there is always someone that will be there to support you or pick you up again!! With over 4500 members the group is thriving and full of love – we are all one big massive family and we understand each other as we all have the same goal….. to love our bodies again!!!

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We have so many people joining us at the moment and everyone is after the same thing, that is the ability to change the habits that got us here in the first instance and that stop us from making the change we know we deserve. Ali Campbell the celebrity life coach has teamed up with New You to help you break the mental barriers that have been holding you back!


Not only that you will also get our 21 Day Drop a Jean Size Journal free with these bundles. The Journal is designed to give you a range of mindset tasks to get yourself really focused on being 100% for 21 Days so that you can see and feel the difference in your clothes.


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