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Caz Lost Over 2 Stone and Looks incredible!

Caz Lost Over 2 Stone and Looks incredible!

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Overweight and out of willpower Caz discovered the New You Plan on Facebook and loved that it provided everything she needed.

Even though she was already experiencing losses, Caz decided to take on the Spring Transformation Challenge 2021 to make herself accountable and stay on track. 

We interviewed Caz to find out more about her journey and to see if she had any advice or tips to share with us.


Please describe how you felt before starting the plan

“After lockdown and Christmas I was the heaviest I’ve ever been. Something had to be done! “

What was your mentality, what did you struggle with?

“Will power! I had none!”

Why did you decide to start the plan, and why New You Specifically?

“I saw it advertised on Facebook and looked good. Liked the fact that everything was provided.”

What attracted you to New You, did someone recommend you, was there anything that made us different from other companies?

“I liked the fact there wasn’t any ties. I could buy as little or as much as I wanted. And that everything I needed was provided.”

How did you feel when you received your first New You Pack?

“OMG! The portion sizes look so tiny.”

What was your first week’s weight loss and how did this loss make you feel?

“5.4 pounds gave me a big boost and spurred me on.”

What are your favourite New You Products?

“Loved the shakes, meal bars and snacks. Also the burger and egg combo and the chilli 😋”

Why did you decide to take part in the Spring Transformation Challenge?

“To give myself a challenge and spur me on to do my best.”

What is the biggest lesson you have learned since taking part in the Challenge?

“That I’m stronger than I think I am and I can say no to blips.”

How much weight have you lost altogether?

“2 stone 4 pounds” 

Was there a time that you found the plan difficult and how did you overcome these challenges?

“Week 8 of the plan I found out my mum was terminally ill with cancer. She passed away 3 weeks later. I so wanted to blip! But my weight loss was the only thing I was still in control of so stuck to it 100% 12 weeks blip free!”

Do you feel the support offered by New You such as secret slimmer’s has helped you on your journey? If so how?

“Secret slimmer’s was amazing, whenever I was having a bad day everyone support was brilliant.”

What was your biggest motivator for staying on track?

“I so wanted to loose the weight and feel better about myself.”

What is your biggest non-scale victory?

“Putting on a pair of shorts that didn’t fit last year but are now huge on me.”

Since losing your weight what is your happiest memory or proudest moment?

“Wearing a beautiful dress 2 sizes smaller than I was and feeling absolutely amazing.”

Would you say the plan has changed your life, and if so how?

“Yes, I have so much more confidence and I can now walk with my head held high.”

Would you have any tips you would give to someone who is thinking of starting the plan but is not sure?

“Yes, go for it! If I can do it anyone can. It’s tough at the start but if you stick with it you will get the results you deserve!”



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