March Madness! Massive Savings on 100 & 200 Bundle!

Woohooo! What a weekend! It really is MARCH MADNESS! St. Patrick’s Day Mother’s Day Bank Holiday! Yeooo!! So to celebrate this amazing March Madness weekend we have put together a special party with massive discounts on the 100 & 200 Bundle on our website. 100 Bundle – get an extra £17 / €20 off. 200 Bundle – get an extra

What do you choose? Chinese or TFR Diet Shake?

When you are on a TFR or VLCD diet, it can feel that you are constantly having to make hard choices…. Friday night…. Chinese or a TFR Diet Shake? Saturday morning…. Fried Breakfast or a TFR Diet Shake? Sunday lunch… Carvery Lunch or a TFR Diet Shake? Monday lunch… Cheese Baguette or a TFR Diet Shake? Now obviously New You TFR Diet

A-MAZ-ING Monday Weigh Ins!*

Some A-MAZ-ING New You Monday Weigh In’s for you to read….. 🙂 *Results may vary, this is not a guarantee.   Morning all well end of week 5 and down 4lbs thats a total of 32lbs altogether.feel so much better. My weigh in No4 5lbs down, delighted, last night i thought my loss be least than that. So it’s 29lbs

Good TFR Things Come To Those That…

How do you want to look & feel this Spring & Summer? Do you want to feel slim and slender, feel good in your clothes, and look the picture of health, happiness and vitality? I hope you want to feel like that, and even if you feel the complete opposite to that now (fat, overweight, bulging out of your clothes,

Question: What is your ideal clothes size?

Have a think for a minute please and answer this question…. What is your ideal clothes size? Now be really honest with yourself and answer this question below…. Why are you not wearing that size now? And this is probably the most important question… Are you closer to your ideal clothes size this month than you were last month? If

I love Mondays at The New You Plan

Yay it is Monday!!  I LOVE MONDAY’S AT THE NEW YOU PLAN! Monday is the most popular day of the week to start a diet.  New week, new start, new you! At The New You Plan we have a group on facebook called New You Secret Slimmers, and every Monday morning, it is a joy to log in and read

7 Tips to Make You Unstoppable on your TFR Diet

TFR Diet – How to make it a fun and exciting transformation! How do you feel when you think about being on a Total Food Replacement TFR Diet? Overwhelmed… Scared…. Down…. Or… Excited!!! Happy!!! Buzzing!!! How you feel will greatly impact your results, your chances of getting to your healthy weight loss goal, and the experience that you have on your TFR

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