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5 Reasons To Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

5 Reasons To Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

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Stop comparing yourself

It’s something we’re all guilty off and it doesn’t make anyone feel good. So why do we keep comparing ourselves to others? Here, we share 5 key reasons why you need to cut out this bad habit TODAY!

Comparing ourselves to others is horrible, pointless and often painful. Every single person on this planet is unique. We are all made up different, look different and have different qualities, which makes us who we are.

The New You Plan is a very unique experience. While thousands of people embark on this weight loss journey together, it’s important to remember that everyone’s journey is different. Bodies are different, people’s weight varies greatly, fat composition differs from person to person and we all lead very different lifestyles. Therefore, it is critical NOT to compare your New You Plan journey to someone else’s.

In your first week, you might lose half a stone, while someone else has lost a stone. But rather than focusing on their result, think about your own. Your achievement is unique to you and it is worth celebrating. Use this result to spur you on to have another great week, rather than thinking about what someone else lost and wishing yours was more. You’ll get there. It might be at a different rate but this is all part of your unique journey.

Don’t ever compare yourself to others because that’s when you start to lose confidence in yourself! It is something we are all guilty of and it’s a habit that needs to be broken. If you cannot get on your own side, it will be a road you travel down which has no end.

You are unique; you are YOU! If you compare yourself to somebody else, you are doing yourself an injustice. We have all thought: “I want to be like her” or  “He is so much better at sports than me” and “Why have they lost more weight than me?”. Your talents and successes and contributions are entirely unique to you and your purpose in this world. They can never be properly compared to anyone else.

Comparing yourself to others

Here Are 5 Reasons To Stop Comparing Yourself To Others:

1. Genetics

One of the biggest pitfalls when losing weight is not concentrating on your journey but rather on that of others. Each journey is individual and there are so many factors that contribute to individual weight loss. Congratulate others but focus on yourself. Someone may be losing weight faster than you but this could be contributed to a faster metabolism, they may have more weight to lose than you or it’s simply down to genetics. We have to remember to be realistic and remind ourselves that we don’t have the same genes as the person beside us.

2. Picture Perfect

You may see fabulous photos of ‘perfect’ models and aspire to be like them but don’t forget, the pictures have been edited. You may hate your thick legs but the stunning woman opposite you hates her waist. Some people gain muscle definition a lot quicker than others who may struggle. Everyone is a unique individual. Everyone is made different, thinks different, and looks different.

Comparing yourself to others

3. Focus

Focus and celebrate your accomplishments. Congratulate others but remember that your progress is more important. They say the grass is greener on the other side and if you could just do as well as they are doing, life will be incredible! You know deep down that this is not true. So, concentrate on you and how well you are doing. Take inspiration from those who have walked your pathway. This is healthy and motivating.

4. Commit

Only compare yourself to you for the next few days. It’s not selfish – it’s pure survival. Instead of telling yourself: “My friend is so much thinner than I am,” instead flip the script and say, “I’m so incredibly proud of myself for losing seven pounds. Imagine how amazing I am going to feel when I lose seven more!” This removes other people out of the equation and makes room for positive and productive focused thoughts.

Comparing yourself to others

5. Self-criticism

You are your biggest critic which in turn can be paralysing! Show a bit of self-love and next time you find yourself caught in the comparison trap, use it as an opportunity to look inwardly and honestly. The comparison trap is toxic and will lead to further self-criticism, which will leave you feeling de-motivated and thoroughly miserable!

You will never have someone else’s body. Become the best YOU. Accept yourself, but still continue to reach higher.


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