Dominique’s Success Story – From Trauma to Triumph

Congratulations to Dominique, our December Transformation Challenge winner. She’s had a challenging few years, but with encouragement from the Secret Slimmer community, she put herself forward for the challenge and is now £1000 richer! So what’s her story? How did she get to this point? Well, Dominique found herself at her lowest and heaviest after many years of trauma in


February is classically known as the month of love, where we show our appreciation for those around us. But what about ourselves? What about you? You may think about how you love others but have you considered about how you love yourself? The truth is that self-love is both important and necessary for positive emotional health. Self-love affects so many

December Transformation Challenge Winners!

We are delighted to reveal the WINNERS of our December 2021 Transformation Challenge! Find out who has won our £1,000 CASH First Prize…! Dominique Takes December’s First prize of £1000 CASH along with losing an incredible 5 stone!!! We are so proud to announce the winners of  December’s Transformation Challenge! We absolutely loved every single entry, and you all really

A Positive Year, A Positive You

It’s the last week of January already, where has the time gone? To finish off the month, Pascale is encouraging you to adopt a positive mind more often.  Being positive impacts your life in so many ways, from how you react to situations to how you care for yourself. It’s so important when it comes to your physical and mental

Why Being 100% Changes Your Whole Life

Being 100% on plan really changes you whole life! It is amazing the difference that it makes. In this blog post we look at 6 reasons why it changes everything. If you have been struggling to commit to being 100% on plan, this is the blog post to read. It is common that people will struggle to commit to being

It’s Your Time To Shine!

Wow, Christmas seems like a distant memory with January already half done! You should be back into the old routine by now, with ideas on how you’re going to ditch some of the habits that aren’t working for you and introduce some new ones that will. This week, during Pascale’s mindset session with you she will talk about systems and

Do you reach for snacks when feeling Unhappy?

Emotional Eating Many of us reach for our comfort foods after an upsetting or stressful day. Yet the term emotional eating is often brought up in a problematic or harmful context. Let’s find out what it is and how it could be impacting you and your weight management journey.  What is emotional eating? Emotional eating refers to changes in what

January Blues? New You Have Got You!

The beginning of January can be an emotional time. Everyone you come into contact with or every other social media post or email you read shouts at you ‘happy new year’ – but you’re not feeling it. You know it’s the new year but you can’t seem to find the ‘happy’ part. And that’s ok. The whole world is still

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