Win £100/€129 donation to a charity of YOUR choice

Win £100/€129 donation to a charity of YOUR choice!   Did you know: Giving to charity may improve your sense of well-being   Giving to charity out of spiritual conviction can strengthen your spiritual life   Improve Life Satisfaction   Reduce Rates of Stress   This Saturday we are focusing on #MakingADifference –    #MakingAdifference – From a simple smile to a

WIN a Set of Soehnle Scales worth a Whopping £50

Be in for the chance of WINNING a Set of Soehnle Scales worth a Whopping £50/€64.50?   These scales are top of the mark they have so many features such as: Automatic recognition of 8 people    Precise measurements of body weight    Precise measurements of body fat    Precise measurements of body water content    Precise measurements of muscle

WIN a Camera worth £60

Be in for the chance of WINNING a Sony Camera Worth £60!!   Did you know:  Taking pictures is a good way to relieve stress  It allows you to capture the amazing moments  You are always able to look back on them and remember the good times   This Thursday we are focusing on #MagicalMoments –    #MagicalMoments – Life is

Win a Fitbit Flex worth £79.99

Be in for the chance of WINNING a fitbit flex worth £79.99 Do you know the Benefits of the Fitbit: Step Counter PC Connectivity Calorie Counter Alarm Distance Counter Water Resistant Activity Time Tracker Accelerometer – this measures the acceleration of a moving or vibrating body   This Wednesday we are focusing on #Move –    #Move – A little bit of

7 Reasons to get ready for May!!

7 Reasons you should get ready for May Now!!!! We are launching so many NEW things that are going to keep you motivated and on track throughout your weight loss journey.   We are going to be having 7 different reasons that are going to make you go WOW !!!!   The first TWO AMAZING reasons we have for you is: 1)

£2000 worth of prizes up for grabs in our May Weight Loss Challenge

THE LEADER-BOARD IS BACK!!!!! WAYHEY!!!   ITS MAGNIFICENT MAY AND OUR WEIGHT LOSS CHALLENGE IS UNDER WAY!!!!!   WHOOP WHOOP!!!!   This May we are giving away £2000 worth of prizes, This will motivate and help you to achieve your goals, so you can LOOK AND FEEL GREAT this summer!! Stop putting off your dreams and feeling frustrated, take the amazing opportunity of this

Win 90 Refreshing Pineapple Fat Burners Worth £108/€139!

Be in for the chance of WINNING 90 of our Refreshing Pineapple Fat Burners worth £108!!! What are fat burners?  They are a customer Favourite They speed up you metabolism meaning you burn fat quicker! Subsides the hunger Counts towards your water intake Gives you an AMAZING boost of energy – dieting isnt so hard when you have these little beauties

Win £100/€129 Worth Of New You Cash Points!

COMPETITION NOW CLOSED WINNING ENTRY ANGELA CONGRATULATIONS Do you want to be in for the chance of WINNING £100/€129 worth of New You Points added to your account??    Did you know that £100 will get you:  Over 50 individual products The 3 week summer kick start bundle FOR FREE You could drop up to a dress size You can top

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