Message from Julz – Enjoy a Healthy Easter

  We have really had a hard winter this year.  I know from a personal level I have been off my feet twice with a bad cold and then the worst flu ever.  Apparently the current flu is the worst in a decade and  I read in the newspaper that February & March this year seen thousands more deaths of […]


We get a lot of people asking for tips on motivation. We have poured tips/advice/information/support into our Blog posts! If you are feeling you need to get your head in the zone or that you are lacking in motivation, make a cup of tea/coffee and go to our blog and read AS MANY POSTS AS YOU CAN! You will feel […]

Your Attitude = Your Waistline

Your attitude is the biggest thing that will influence your weight and lifestyle. We can’t control what happens to us, but we can control our attitude to what happens to us. When someone joins our Secret Slimmer’s group I can almost always tell on the first day who is going to get to their goal or not.  I can tell […]

Good News and Bad News about Spring

So Spring is here! Yay! Well er no not really! The weather is more like the middle of winter at the moment isn’t it! The good thing about this is that we still have some time to drop a dress/jean size before the sun comes out.  Look at the bad weather as some bonus time, a few weeks can really […]

Why You Need To Stop Fighting Yourself

We are funny beings aren’t we? We all want to be slimmer, fitter, healthier, more disciplined and more energetic, yet so often we fight our own desires, we fight for what we need to give up, instead of fighting for what we want to create.   If you really want to create a NEW YOU, this is what you NEED […]

Stop thinking Negative

If you want to see positive results in your life and weight loss, then you need to have a positive mindset. You need to be extra vigilant about what you think.  So many of us just let lots of random negative thoughts flood our minds without realising the impact that this will have on our lives and our weight loss […]

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