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10 Ways to Overcome the January Blues when Dieting.

10 Ways to Overcome the January Blues when Dieting.

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At this time of year we can all be prone to a little touch of the January Blues. When you couple up the January Blues with Dieting things can be challenging, here are my top tips for overcoming the blues and staying on track with your hearts desires.

This week is a busy week for many people; getting back into routines after Christmas and New Year with work, kids, sleep, fitness and life in general.

So many of us deal with our emotions by reaching for food. When you are following new you total food replacement plan eating your emotions is not an option. This is our year and we are not going to quit in January!

With the January Blues, getting back into routines, dealing with life, and getting into our diet and into ketosis, it is fair to say it can be challenge for some of us! Myself included!

It can feel like we are standing at the bottom of the mountain we have to climb to achieve all our goals in 2020 for weight loss, fitness, health, beauty, relationships & money etc.

It can feel like a big mountain, too big to climb. Sometimes it can feel like just dealing with what we have on our plate to get through the day is more than enough, and that we don’t have time or energy to focus on our hearts desires.

I have felt like this on several occasions this week and wanted to share with you how I have brought myself back to feeling inspired about what 2020 can bring. I am determined to stay on track with my goals this year no matter what.

(1) Read & Emotionally Connect with Your Goals & Your Why.

I use the notes in my phone to write out my goals, and I read these a few times a day. It is handy to have on your phone as it is always with you and that means you can read your goals at anytime and anywhere.

At the top of my 2020 Goals note I have a positive affirmation. I also have a statement that describes the end of 2020 and what I have achieved in present tense.

I have 5 top goals that I want to achieve in 2020; they include weight loss, self love and my company The New You Plan. Reading my goals and imaging my future self experiencing life with these goals achieved makes me feel inspired. This then makes me want to stay on track with my habits and tasks that will bring me closer to my dreams

(2) Be Your Own Best Friend & Practice Self Love

This is a biggie for me. Self love is something that I have been reading and learning about a lot over the last 18 months. That voice inside our head needs to be our friend.

Speak to yourself like you would your best friend or your child. Be encouraging and want the best for yourself.

  • Recognise what you have achieved. – even if that is you lost 2 pounds.
  • Remind yourself of all your character strengths – you are more than your weight.
  • Tell yourself “I love myself” and repeat it 10 times.
  • Plan your days and schedule to support you. Don’t let other people or lower priorities take over your life.
  • Get enough sleep and drink enough water so you can feel your best.
  • Be self aware – why am I not feeling good? How can I change that? Feel empowered to make the changes, even small steps.
  • Stay disciplined – and build your trust in yourself and your self esteem.

(3) Share your struggle & Encourage Others

Our secret slimmers community is so inspiring, everyone in the group knows how you feel, we have all been there. So many times I feel motivated for what I can achieve in the next few months by looking in the group, it really helps my mind to refocus.

If you are struggling reach out and ask for help, you will be amazed at how many people will be kind and generous with their time and support.

Another great way to feel better is to support others. Giving to others, helping others, encouraging others, cheering other people on. This makes YOU feel good, and it makes other people feel good. Don’t underestimate how much a kind comment can change someones outlook or day.

(4) Feeling Gratitude & Being Mindful

We all have so much to be grateful for. Our health, our home, our family & friends, our pets, our freedom.

Just taking a deep breath and letting that feeling of gratitude fill your body can do wonders to lower your stress and make yourself feel better.

Part of our Magical Me Journal is to write out what you are grateful for every morning, I love doing this. You can also do this as a note on your phone.

Focusing on one day at a time takes away the feeling of overwhelm, don’t think about the weeks or months ahead, just focus on today. You can do today. One day at a time, that is how you are going to make your dreams come true and become your new you.

(5) Listen or Read Something positive like self help or health related.

I am a big fan of listening to positive and inspiring podcasts and audio books everyday. Find something that inspires you and listen to it while you are cleaning, driving to work, getting ready for your day, having a bath. Filling your mind with positive messages means that you will naturally feel on a higher vibration.

Reading books is a great way to focus your mind and keep away from the fridge at night. You can also catch up with all my blogs, I am writing everyday this year!

(6)Create a Transformation Play List that Inspires You

The right music is uplifting! Create your own playlist of songs that make you feel good, tunes that make you feel inspired, beats that makes you want to move, inspiring music that you can meditate and visualise with.

If you have songs that make you feel sad or alone, or bring back old memories that make you feel depressed, then remove these from your playlist. I did this in 2019, you can read about it here.

Today me and my 5 year old were dancing away in the kitchen, it felt good! A wee boogie to your favourite songs does wonder for your mood! I have apple music, and it is so handy to just get any new song I love!

(7) Curate a Positive Social Media Feed that makes you feel good

So many of us spend a lot of time on social media. Take control of your feed and make sure it inspires and uplifts you.

Unfollow anyone or anything that makes you feel less than or annoyed. Keep your feed positive and inspiring and ideally limit your time on social media.

I have greatly reduced my time on mindless scrolling and now only use social media to participate in positive communities like our very own Secret Slimmers group.

(8) Know that everything passes

Emotions can come over us like waves. But they pass. Feelings of hunger are the same. They come in waves. When it comes, ride the wave and don’t let it knock you off your feet.

When you feel hungry, or feel a bit blue, know that it will pass, and the faster you can control what you are thinking and doing, the faster it will pass. This is the key to your success.

(9) Emotion comes from Motion

If you are feeling low take a moment to look at what you are doing.

Are you lying about not doing much? more than likely you will feel low. Make the decision to get up and move, your emotions will improve!

If Netflix is asking if you are still there that is a sign you are not moving enough. Get as much movement into your day as possible. If you can walk in nature that is even better.

I haven’t worn my fit bit for a few months, so I got it charged up yesterday as it always helps me to move more! What gets measured improves, so record your movement and see how much you do, it will spur you on!

(10) Focus On Self Care and Look Your Best

Looking after yourself is a great way to feel good. Put the effort in to make yourself look nice every morning.

This week I have been wearing make up everyday, putting my contacts in, and doing my hair nice. It makes such a difference to how I feel and my confidence.

As well as my weight loss journey I am on a bit of a transformation mission, I think I will share more of it in a new blog post soon.

These are 10 simple things you can do in any moment of the day that will make you feel better.

If you feel that the January Blues are something deeper I do recommend going to a counsellor or therapist.

I have been going to therapist for a year and a half now, and it has been one of the best things I have ever done.

Having someone to talk to, who has empathy and will not judge you is very helpful. Someone who knows what questions to ask, that help you to bring the self awareness and healing you need to move forward.

Make this the year that you do what you need to do to feel good so that you can really start 2020 off as a new you inside and out.

Much Love,

Julz xox

PS. If you want to join me and create an amazing transformation in 2020, please check out our special offers here.

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