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I am going to blog everyday in 2020.

I am going to blog everyday in 2020.

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I want 2020 to be a life changing year for me, in more ways than one. To commit to my progress, I am going to blog every single day in 2020.

My biggest goals for 2020 and the next decade are based on self love, transformation and personal freedom. So that will probably be the core messages that I will share with you in 2020.

New Decade, New Me, New You!

2020 is the start of a new decade; it is time to build momentum for the next 10 years and the next version of me.

I founded The New You Plan when I was age 34, the company has grown a lot over the last 10 years. As I am 44 now, I really want the next 10 years to be a time of growth and positive transformation for both myself and the company.

It is time to get to work on the 54 year old version of me, and the 20 year old version of The New You Plan! I have 10 years to create both, and I planning on having a strong start in 2020.

Face Your Fears & Do What Will Put You On The Best Path for You.

Committing to blogging every single day of 2020 will really make for a different kind of year for me. Every day I will be publicly accountable to publish something. To be honest, even as I type this part of me is wondering if I am doing the right thing! But I am doing this because I believe this will set the tone for the start of a great decade.

It will take me outside of my comfort zone. It will build my confidence and my creativity and it help me to stay focused my own personal transformation journey and improving your experience with the new you plan.

One of my favourite things is learning and I love sharing what I am learning. When I write, and feel connected with my readers, I get so many ideas from your feedback and interaction. I get great insights on how we can improve our service and the customer experience. Also when I share my journey it helps me to stay accountable and on track with my goals. So blogging every day is a win / win. I like win / wins 🙂

A New Decade means New Ideas & Big Transformations

Blogging every day for one whole year is a BIG CHALLENGE for anyone; but for a single mum to 2 young children, running a business, going through a divorce, and recovering from a very hard emotional 18 months, it is going to take a lot of effort. Especially when I am naturally quite introverted and totally out of practice!

During the last couple of years I have not been creating much new content. It didn’t matter much as we had 8 years of great content to repurpose. We have plenty of inspiring articles and blogs to revisit and refresh. For the next year I want to be creating all new content. We are starting a new decade and I want our content to reflect big changes and big transformations.

Get Outside of Your Comfort Zone & Take Action Consistently to Grow

It has been a while since I have “put myself out there”. When you stop doing things it is easy to lose your confidence. I have lost my confidence when it comes to posting videos and being on social media. I know the only way to get confident at anything is by facing my fears and doing it consistently. Confidence comes from taking action. So by blogging every day, I am sure I will grow my confidence in many ways. I am sure it will be like riding a bike and I will feel back in the zone pretty quickly!

Consistent but unique; fun & fresh

My plan is to create a mixture of content, so that I can create something fresh and interesting every single day in 2020.

Some days the blog will be short and sweet. Other days I might write about something and go deep. I am hoping to also create some videos, audios, and pdfs – to keep things fun & interesting!

Most days I will blog what is in my heart and mind and hit publish straight away. On the days when I feel especially creative and in the zone I will probably batch create some extra blogs or videos. This will mean I have back up content, handy for any days that I don’t feel I can create due to personal circumstances; like if my kids are not well, or I am under pressure or under the weather.

My goal will be that every day in 2020 you will see a new post of some sort from me on our blog.

Videos, Audios & Customer Calls

I hope to get back to making videos and audios. I really want to improve my presentation skills and confidence in this area. Years ago I used to do regular customer interviews and I would love to get back to this. It was so much fun calling new you plan customers and recording it to share on the blog. I had some awesome chats, and always felt so inspired by doing this. There is nothing more inspiring than real people sharing real results.

A Daily Message of Love, Inspiration & Encouragement

My daily goal for blogging every day in 2020 will be to send out a message to the world that will inspire and motivate someone on their new you journey. Warning; the grammar and spelling probably won’t be perfect, but I hope the message will help someone!

2020 is going to be a big year, I am excited for what is ahead and I really hope that we will get to know each other better over the year, as we all enjoy our personal transformations and step into the next version of our new you!

Please let me know what you would love to read about, I want this to be a two way conversation. To help build the momentum for January 1st 2020, I plan to start blogging every day from today. So look out tomorrow for my next blog.

Much Love,

Julz xox

A make up free selfie of me today, 27th December 2019.
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2 thoughts on “I am going to blog everyday in 2020.

    • Author gravatar

      Dear July,
      I am reading your posts everyday , like the best page of good book, which feeds me emotionally, mentally, physically.
      You just stay so real and so true , not just to us , but to yourself first!
      That’s where real happiness and success exist.
      I just want to tell you , that you are true inspiration by your own samples showing that life isn’t just a fairy-tail, but it’s all what you will make out of it in good , and bad days .
      I want to wish you from the bottom of my heart not better life, not richer life , but the same life you have made in the best way, because if you can stay Real and know how to value good and bad days you already figured out what real happiness in life is! You are wonderful in and out and you already fixed so many souls out there. Let this year be the best time to shiny for You for all the good you did to each of us , who belongs in this group! I just simply adore you !

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