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Summer Transformation Challenge: Week 1 Task Winner

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This week’s Summer Transformation Challenge winner has been revealed!

We kicked off the week with the very first task in our new Summer Transformation Challenge & what an amazing one it was!

A new task is announced every Monday and the winner is shared on Friday. This means that you have 4 days to share your answer. Not only will you have the chance to win an amazing prize, but by getting involved you are making yourself accountable and inspiring others with your answer.

This week’s task was all about setting a goal and actually sticking to it!

So with this in mind, customers were asked to make an accountability pledge to us at New You HQ and to their fellow Secret Slimmers. We asked them to think about a goal that they would like to achieve over the next 7 weeks, tell us what it is, why it is important to them and what will help them achieve it.

We had an amazing response and it was lovely to see your pledges flooding our Secret Slimmers feed.

But there could only be one winner and we are delighted to reveal that the week 1 winner is Marie, who shared the following pledge:

“My pledge: I pledge to spend the next 7 weeks taking care of myself by committing myself to the New You plan. I work as a counsellor and I spend the working week helping young people in distress with their mental health, the evenings and weekends are spent caring for my beautiful 2-year-old son and his Dad!

Though I love my job and my family with everything I am, I often neglect myself. Committing to losing this weight is a huge step for me in my self-care and is getting me closer and closer to truly loving who I am, because for me it’s not about how I look – but how I feel – and I want to feel healthy and energetic, I want to run around the park in reckless abandonment with my toddler instead of sitting on a bench watching him longingly.

I have 3 holidays coming up in the next 7 weeks, in the past it would have been an opportunity to gorge on food and hide my body away – not this time. Part of my pledge is sticking to plan and unashamedly enjoying the beach with my family for the first time ever! It doesn’t matter that I still have stones more weight to lose, confidence will never come from the scales for me – it must come from self-love, that is my journey and New You is helping me get there by getting me healthier because realistically I can’t keep putting my body through this yo yo cycle of weight gain/loss.

I’m proud of myself and I will do this, just watch me!”

Congratulations to Marie who has won an amazing Fitbit!

We have a brand new task launching on Monday so keep your eyes peeled in Secret Slimmers and for Monday’s evening email for your chance to WIN an amazing prize.

To learn more about our Summer Transformation Challenge, click here.

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