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Secret Slimmers group highlights of the week

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Secret Slimmers group

After an eventful week, our Customer Transformation Coach Candida rounds up our Secret Slimmers group highlights of the week!

Secret Slimmers groupWhere has this month gone? It really has flown.

There has been incredible commitment and determination blossoming on Secret Slimmers this week as we welcome so many newbies who begin their life changing journeys.

Spring is just the perfect time to really get to grips with your weight loss; summer may seem far away but it’s just round the corner.

Sabrina’s pledge to herself is something everyone should take the time to do.

Secret Slimmers

She said: “I make the commitment to myself to transform my mindset and follow my dreams. I promise to not give up on myself and that in a few months I will be able to post a transformation pic that I am proud of. This is my stage of rebirth and being the person I really want to be”.

We love to help keep you motivated but sometimes it’s the non scale victories that you post that make it all seem real and possible.

Jane Conroy and Vanessa Jayne had a massive clear out of clothes that are now too big for them. Seeing those big piles of clothes heaped on a bedroom floor is fabulous! That feeling of utter euphoria that you have reached the point that perhaps you thought you never would.

Katie Cunningham put on a pair of jeans she has not been able to fit into for 3 years only to find that they are now baggy. Might just be a little late to return them Katie for a smaller size!!

Secret Slimmers

Laura Jaskolska made me giggle with her trousers that are so big on her now. A little shopping trip is required ladies. Amazing!

Secret Slimmers

Some fabulous weight losses have been going on this week, including Sarah Troy who is “absolutely delighted” to be 12Ibs down in her first week, to the inspirational Martina Stirling who has lost a HUGE 3 stone 10 and a half pounds in 12 weeks. Martina said: “I can’t believe how great I feel in ketosis. Life is so brilliant”. Dalis Ifans is doing a happy dance at her incredible 16Ib loss in week one! Well done to everyone! You are truly fabulous!

Secret Slimmers

We love to surprise you every so often by giving back a little bit of the magic to you! We announced for Mother’s Day that we would randomly select 6 orders on Sunday and inside their orders would be a gorgeous little gold envelope with a sparkling promo code for £50 off your next order. Katerina Busi was one of those lucky winners who summed it up beautifully, saying: “What a start to this beautiful day”.

Secret Slimmers

There have been some yummy little dishes being created this week by Kim Davies with her super healthy pork stir fry, which she shared on our Momentum Maintainers group. Orla Cahill also created a scrumptious herby breakfast omelette. Keep cooking guys! We love to see your creations.

Secret Slimmers

This week I would like to introduce you to our wonderful Cheerleader, Lynn Stoneman who is endlessly dedicated to her role and to you. She encourages and motivates with passion.

Here is a little bit about her:

“Hi, My name is Lynn Stoneman. I live in Cornwall, South West England with my two dogs. I am retired but I volunteer for a dog rescue centre. I started my New You Plan journey in May 2016 at 15st 3lbs and reached my target last year. I now maintain around 10 stone, wearing a size 10 in trousers and 12 in tops. I have been a Cheerleader since mid-October 2016 and hope to encourage and motivate slimmers to keep positive and focused and motivated on their weight loss journey.”

So another fabulous week on Secret Slimmers and Momentum Maintainers. Remember that in two weeks you will feel it, in four weeks you will see it and in 8 weeks you will hear it! You are unstoppable! Have a great week everyone.

Secret Slimmers





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Easter Transformation Bundles

It’s officially spring and the countdown to Easter is well and truly on. In fact it’s less than 3 weeks away, which for those of us who haven’t started our weight loss journey, can be a little bit disappointing.

Let’s face it… dieting in winter sucks! The weather is cold and grim, the days are dark and short and all we want to do is curl up inside and eat comfort food.

But then comes spring. The days are brighter, warmer and longer, which serves to remind us that NOW is actually the best time to kick start your weight loss.

The season of spring is all about rejuvenation. The trees turn from brown to a glorious shade of green, animals come out of hibernation, flowers are in bloom and the birds are singing.

It’s a phenomenal time of the year and just as the new season brings with it a newfound lease of life, we’re reminded that change is possible.

With Easter only a few weeks away and summer just around the corner, it’s time to shake off that stodgy feeling that comes with winter, put a spring back in your step and embrace the new season with open arms.

This spring we want to help YOU! We want to show you just how easy it is to not only lose weight with The New You Plan, but to keep it off, thanks to the change in mindset that only comes with this plan.

So whether you want to give the next few weeks your all before Easter, or you want to really commit for your spring transformation, we’ve got two BRAND NEW BUNDLES to allow you to fully immerse yourself in The New You Plan experience!!

Here are the details…

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3 week bundle

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With your order, you’ll receive the following absolutely FREE:

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With your order, you’ll receive the following absolutely FREE:

  • Drop a Jean Size Journal, worth £14.99
  • 1 box of 10 Pineapple Fat Burners, worth £9.99
  • £25 off voucher to spend on your next order
  • x1 Cheddar Cheese Tortilla Chips, worth £1.99

All of this is yours for only £199.97 / €257.96, which is just £4.08 per day, saving you a pretty impressive 48%.

So what are you waiting for!? Start your weight loss journey and change your life today!

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