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“My New You Plan Weight Loss Journey: Week 6”

“My New You Plan Weight Loss Journey: Week 6”

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New You Plan weight loss

On week 6 of her New You Plan weight loss journey, customer Hele shares her total weight loss and how’s she’s feeling. Click on the video below to find out how she did!

Despite having an emotional week for personal reasons, Hele has had that massive change in mindset that we talk about so much.

Admittedly, Hele confesses that in such a situation, her first action would be to turn to food, eating emotionally. However, after having an amazing 6 weeks on plan, she didn’t blip. Instead she talked about how she was feeling, which is a massive achievement. We’re super proud of you, Hele and your amazing 2 stone weight loss in only 6 weeks. Keep it up!

Check back next week to hear how her seventh week on plan was.


Last Chance To Save 40% – Ends Friday 7th April

3 week bundle

So many of you have jumped on board & purchased our 3 Week Easter Transformation Bundle, the results of which have been nothing short of amazing!

With the arrival of a new season, warmer weather and longer days, there has NEVER been a more perfect time to start your weight loss journey.

If you think 3 weeks isn’t a long enough time to see any real results… you’d be wrong!

This week in our Secret Slimmers group, our customers have been shouting from the rooftops about how much weight they’ve lost in just 3 short weeks, many of whom have dropped 1-2 dress sizes*.

Check out these results…

3 week bundle

3 week bundle

3 week bundle

3 week bundle

3 week bundle

This spring we want to help YOU! We want to show you just how easy it is to not only lose weight with The New You Plan, but to keep it off, thanks to the change in mindset that only comes with this plan.

So if you want to give the next 21 days your all, shop our 3 week bundle, before it ends this Friday 7th April!

Here are the details…

3 Week Easter Transformation Meal Plan: Save 40%

With our 3 Week Easter Transformation Meal Plan, you can drop a dress size* and feel fabulous this spring!

Which of these exciting weight loss results could be yours, Aideen?

  • Size 20 to size 18
  • Size 18 to size 16
  • Size 16 to size 14
  • Size 14 to size 12
  • Size 12 to size 10
  • Size 10 to size 8

As well as your choice of 3 weeks of TFR Meals, we’ve added in FREE goodies, worth £51.97 / €67.04 to really help you get the most out of your New You Plan journey.

With your order, you’ll receive the following absolutely FREE:

  • Drop a Jean Size Journal, worth £14.99
  • 1 box of 10 Pineapple Fat Burners, worth £9.99
  • £25 off voucher to spend on your next order
  • x1 Cheddar Cheese Tortilla Chips, worth £1.99

All of this is yours for only £99.99 / €128.99, which is just £4.76 per day, saving you a massive 40%.

Hurry – shop now! Ends Friday 7th April!

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*Weight loss results may vary. This is not a guarantee.

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