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New You Community Highlights of the Week

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New You Community Highlights

Oh what a week in our Secret Slimmers & Momentum Maintainers Facebook groups! Here, Community Manager Candida rounds up our New You Community Highlights of the Week!

Hello sunshine! What a fabulous week it has been, with warmer weather pushing us even harder to realise our dreams of becoming slimmer! The sun fills us with renewed energy, a desire to get fit and beach-tastic.

New You Community Highlights

Becky Lang and Gail Hopley have been embracing the gorgeous weather! Becky made thirst quenching Lemon & Orange Zing lollies with our Water Flavouring.

New You Community Highlights

Gail was exceedingly imaginative and made what could be the first New You Mocktail Mojita. She said: “Add lemon water flavouring, ice, blender. Add mint at the end and a final blast of the blender. I may never drink anything else again!” I am without a doubt going to try this as it sounds heavenly!

Have you tried the Peach Drainers yet? If not, you seriously need too! These are a peach flavoured tea which you have cold. This fabulous drink naturally promotes the removal of excess water by eliminating wastes and toxins.

New You Community Highlights

What’s not to love as Vanessa Jayne showed us how she made her Peach Drainer up with sparkling water?! I love it with crushed ice! But do remember, only one a day!

New You Community Highlights

Don’t you just absolutely love it when you finally fit into something you never ever thought you would again? Sharon Lee completely wowed us with her #SaturdaySelfie! She has got in to her 35 year old biker leathers and she looked AMAZING. She said “My 35-year-old leathers – now a perfect fit. The grin will be in place all day.” What a feeling Sharon!

New You Community Highlights

I loved Shona Hall’s post this week. She has lost 31Ibs in ten weeks!!* TEN WEEKS – incredible. She said: “Wow I can feel the changes. Some of my target clothes fit. Can’t thank everyone on the page enough, I know I’d have given in to peer pressure this week and given up before I get to my goal…. again….not this time.” It is just fantastic to see Shona feeling so empowered and ready to smash the rest of her journey.

New You Community Highlights

Gail Coppin and Melony Gill have both completed their first week on plan and lost, wait for it, wait for it…… A whopping 10.5Ibs each!* WOWZERS – well done ladies.

New You Community Highlights

Your weight losses have been wonderful this week. Many of you have asked what you would expect to lose in so many weeks – the guideline for this is around a dress size per month.

Never be disheartened if your loss in the second week is quite a bit lower than your first week as this is normal! Your first week is a massive detox of excess water and glycogen being expelled from your liver.

I always love to have a mental image of a pound of fat equalling a pound of sugar – pick up a bag of sugar and tell me that is not heavy!! It is! Keep going, set those goals, feel good within yourself that you are sticking to plan 100% and smash that fat in to smithereens.

Stay mentally strong. Whenever you begin to slip, you should remind yourself why you’re dieting. Stay positive and be an example of strength this week. Today, this week, you will do your best to become the person you want to be!
*Weight loss results may vary. This is not a guarantee.


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