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Well done Christina Competition now closed 

DO YOU WANT TO BE IN FOR THE CHANCE OF WINNING £100/€129 Worth of New You Cash Points?😀 😀


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This Monday we are focusing on #Mapping


#Mapping – Map out your week every weekend and Map out the next day every night before you go to bed. Planning your days and making sure you schedule in time for your healthy habits will help you to stay healthy and happy and create that sense of momentum and achievement that you are moving confidently towards the life of your dreams.

It is really important that we take a little bit of time out and think about what we want to achieve that day, that week, that month or even the year, we are all guilty of just getting by and we never take time to work on ourselves.


The smallest thing can make the biggest difference, for example, go and get your hair done – whether you get it cut, styled, or coloured it is going to change your mood, this one thing can set you up for a good week to reach your goals.

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We have attached a downloadable document for you to use and to help you plan your month of June, this is perfect for you to plan out what you want to achieve and what you are going to reward yourself with when you reach that goal 😀


Download this Document to help you plan June <3



Please Watch the video and answer the question below:


1) What are your goals for June?

2) What are you going to do this week?

Remember as long as you answer the above questions in the comment section below ⬇⬇⬇ you will be entered into the prize draw!!! 

Good Luck 💜💙💚




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13 Responses

  1. klair says:

    For June I want to reach my first main target of 235lbs ( need to loose 15lbs) this will take me back to the weight I was last summer( started NY at 271lb and was 300lb at my heaviest)
    This week I am going to try and be more planned with my packs, make it more breakfast, lunch and evening as I currently save all my packs till night time and that wont work when I eventually go back to conventional foods.

  2. Fiona says:

    In June I want to lose another stone to add to the 3 stone I’ve lost in 8 weeks!!!! I will also need to refeed and hope I can maintain my weight loss.

  3. Amanda says:

    In June I want to lose 1stone. I’m currently a size 18 however they are getting big but 16 is still too tight. 1 want to be a comfortable 16 ☺️ I am fully focused on my journey however long it takes Rome wasn’t built in a day 😳 I am going to plan and take each day at a time.
    This road to success is under construction ☺️

  4. SoniaM says:

    I want to try to lose 1 st and look at maintaining. I’ve been writing in a diary and doing some forms of exercise every day but I need to focus on the food as that’s the reason for my relapses. I need to prepare and research. I will have to list foods and recipes which will be good for my IBS.

  5. Nicola r says:

    In June I’d like to get into the 13 stone bracket. I have two big family celebrations and I plan on staying 100% at each of these events.I also have goal jeans that I’ve been squeezing myself into every other week. I’d love to try them on and fit into them this month 🙂

  6. Jennie Stokes says:

    My goals for June are to drop a stone and to run for 20 minutes or more non stop.

    This week I’m pushing myself to wear more fitted clothes and to feel brave to get my legs out instead of hiding in legs xx

  7. Sarah Shields says:

    Goal for June. To lose at least 7lb. Giving myself a bit of leeway as I’m not too far from goal but to hit that would be ace.
    Goal for this week. To lose at least 2lb. Anything more would be great 🙂
    Only 4lb off 3st loss! 😀

  8. Emma Scrivens says:

    I want to lose another stone and hopefully get to the next size down.

  9. Christina says:

    Goals for June are
    1. Lose a stone
    2. Book a family holiday
    3. Sleep 7 hours per night average
    4. Go to the gym x 4 per week
    5. Set aside half an hour each night to reflect, be grateful and plan the next day

    Goals this week
    1. 4+4 for the week
    2. Gym x 4
    3. In bed with no electronics by 10pm each night
    4. Write a positive post in ss every day

  10. Vicky says:

    Hi everyone! I’m just starting this plan when my food package arrives in the next couple of days. I’m going to lose 11lbs this month and buy some beautiful new summer clothes in my pre pregnancy size that will fit me beautifully by the end of the month.

  11. Aileen Garrihy says:

    Goals for June:
    1. lose half stone – it’s the same last 7lbs that I am battling with all the time. I will do it this time as I have family wedding early July so have this goal to aim for.
    2. let my nails grow and get a manicure.
    3. get my hair done

    Goals this week:
    1. Exercise 30mins every day
    2. book appointments for hair and manicure
    3. paint garden fence
    4. finish decluttering in wardrobe

  12. Catherine says:

    For June I want to lose a stone and a half.
    Goals this week are to stay completely on plan, no picking accidentally

  13. Rita says:

    I lost 1 stone 5 pounds in 3 weeks from 11 May and have dropped a jean size and so brought a new pair ……by the end of June I want to buy the next size down….