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Frequently Asked Questions Friday: What happens when I reach my target weight? VLCD

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Frequently Asked Questions Friday with Suzanne and Lorna:

What happens when I reach my target weight? | VLCD


Reaching your goal weight should be electrifying not terrifying!

When you have reached you goal weight the prospect of reverting back to conventional food can be quite daunting. This really is not something to allow yourself to get concerned over as it is a natural progression in the plan and is a sign that you have achieved your goal.

It is really important to understand the way your body is going to respond and set your expectations in the refeed process to ensure that you continue to stay on track. At the point that you start to eat conventional food again your body will replenish your glycogen stores which means that your body is naturally going to put those few pounds back on regardless of  how carefully you do this process and should certainly not be something that worries you.

We will support you after your VLCD:

Once you have completed your time on our VLCD (Very Low Calorie Diet) you will have access to a growing number of tools that will allow you to stay on track moving forward with conventional food.

1) The first tool is our Refeed and Healthy Eating Guide which you can download <<<here>>>

2) The next step would be to gain access to our Momentum Maintainers Group in Facebook, this is really easily achieved – all you need to do is message us on Facebook asking to be added to the group and once it has been confirmed that you are a NY customer you will be given full access to this service.

3) Try out our portion control plate – for many of us it is really hard to admit that we don’t know which foods to each and in what proportions as this is something that is considered to be a primary instinct. In an ever changing world however it can be hard to know as somethings have just become to convenient.

The logic I have when considering my own refeed is – it was poor eating that got me here so do I really know that much about what I am eating? If you are interested in one of our diet plates just click <<<here>>> and you will be taken to the page where you can choose the plate that is relevant to you.

Thank you again to Suzanne and Lorna for all their help here and please do leave a comment of support for them in the comments section below. Also if there is a question that you would like answered please feel to ask this in the comments section at the bottom of this blog.

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Kind regards Grant


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