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‘ When you feel like quitting think about why you started’ – Can you relate to this quote on your weight loss Journey?!

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Here is Thursday’s  motivational quote that we would love to hear your thoughts on.  Today’s quote is…

‘ ‘ When you feel like quitting think about why you started’

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TODAY’S TASK: ‘ When you feel like quitting think about why you started’ – Can you relate to this quote on your weight loss Journey?!

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Diet Plate It Never gets easier, you just get better   How does this relate to you on your weight loss journey?!


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27 Responses

  1. Louise says:

    Starting this Journey back in July I really didn’t like who I was. I was over weight , unfit and unhappy. The big thing for me was my wedding dress (getting married in April)! I picked a lovely dress and about 1 month after I went back to the shop to select bridesmaid dresses. I thought it would be a great idea to get into my dress again and stand in beside my bridesmaids!! I even had photos taken!!! BIG MISTAKE. I went home that evening and sat crying looking at the photos . I looked horrible in the dress standing beside three skinny stunners. My belly was popping out, but what I hated most of all was my neck/face. So I decided I hated the dress . Panic set in and I wanted to change it. Long story short I went back to the shop and tried to change the dress. The lady was kind and patient and I changed to a dress which to be honest I didn’t love but I thought it was more slimming !! That was a Saturday . First thing Monday morning I rang the shop and I wanted to get my original dress!!! It dawned on me – I didn’t hate the dress I hated myself in the dress and so started my New You journey. On Monday the 11th I posted a before and after photo on SS and I was overwhelmed with the attention it got. People were telling me how lovely I looked, how much younger I looked etc. That evening as I read the comments with tears in my eyes I realised they were right.. I could finally see it myself. Once you get that feeling you will NEVER go back. You will NEVER give up. Being over weight causes such pain and heart ache and once you start to go down the right path and see results that unbelievable feeling of happiness is worth so much that you will never want to loose it. Well that’s how it is for me any way. So if I ever feel like giving up I will just remind myself how sad I was when I was over weight and I also have my beautiful wedding dress as motivation. I actually cannot wait to try it on now that I have lost weight !! I started this journey to loose weight. I have gained so much more. Yes Ive lost weight but I am so much more happier. That feeling alone will keep me on the right track xxx

    • Ellie May says:

      You nearly have me in tears reading this…. soooo true and from the heart… Thank you soooo much for sharing xoxoxox

  2. Elena says:

    Food is part of daily life! Living with 4 young children and a husband who could eat for ireland the house is always full of goodies…but they’re not overweight…it was only me! So when preparing lunches/dinners etc it would be easy to quit..BUT I stop myself because I know I need to do this to feel happier with myself! I stop myself from quitting because I picture the fabulous clothes I want to buy and wear comfortably! I stop myself because I’m in charge of my life! So I don’t quit! I think of all these reasons to keep going! The reasons to keep losing far outweigh that few minutes impulse to give up!!

    It’s not forever…but it is for now…and the results are definitely worth overcoming that temporary feeling of quitting!

  3. I initially started this type of diet about 5years ago. I’ve been overweight all my life, before that and really couldn’t think of any escape out of fatland. It was overwhelming for me to lose 5st … not only that, to lose all that weight in less than 6months! … not only that, but to do it without feeling hungry.
    My parents live abroad and when I went back to visit them, after losing all this weight, I passed my own mother and she didn’t recognise me! I think that was the biggest compliment of all. My life has changed dramatically when I was skinny. I was feeling much more up-beat, all people around me were so much nicer, I got a great job running an events and marketing club in Canary Wharf, my thinking has turned at 180 deg. One of my colleagues said to me in a slightly patronising tone: “I bet that running after the bus must be so much easier for you now!” to which I replied smiling “hon, I never run after the bus any more. The bus stops wherever I stand.”
    I remember walking on high street, looking in the shop windows and suddenly catching glimpses of myself. I would just stop and think “I can’t believe this is me!” I was very happy with myself. I was size 8/10. I loved my life.

    Then marriage, one dead baby followed almost immediately by an absolutely amazing one, then abuse and domestic violence and then the divorce happen….

    I lost all that love for myself in the process. and when I looked up in the mirror I couldn’t see that lovely me any longer. I guess that hurts most – having been there and having lost it. But the good news is that I’ve done it once, I know I can do it again… and I am doing it now. I deserve it and my wonderful daughter surely deserves a happier mum! and that’s why I either go through it again or die trying.

    • Ellie May says:

      YOU WILL DO THIS! All of the hard work comes from the heart and reading this I can see you have a pure heart of Gold 🙂 Thank you sooooo much for sharing your story with us 🙂 xoxooxx

  4. Vivienne says:

    Hi I started this journey because I was very overweight and hated the way I looked. I avoided mirrors (still do) and with evening time coming around a couple of glasses of wine would relax me nicely ! Until nothing fit and I started to realise as well as bad food choices I was making bad beverage choices. So on this plan my meals are easy to prepare I do not have alcohol and I am sleeping better looking better and feeling better than I have in a long time. And sometimes the road looks long but there is my new SS family and friends I am so looking forward to our time in Dublin in November to catch up with everybody and meeting the NY team who have been so supportive. I remind myself on a daily basis of the reasons I began this journey and the reason why I’m staying on

  5. Yvonne McOwen says:

    Whenever I feel like quitting I remember what my life was like being overweight and unhappy, how I was always living life on the edge of everything, never going out because I couldn’t fit into the nice clothes I had in my wardrobe and couldn’t find anything I liked in my size any more. Feeling tired, bloated and unhappy but always putting on a brave face.

    So what keeps me going is the excitement I feel every morning when I wake up and remember that I’m on the New You plan and that the weight is melting away, bit by bit. No more tiredness, no more boring clothes, no more unhappiness … it’s PMA all the way and it feels *** AMAZING *** <3 xxx

  6. Tammyann marsh says:

    I can so relate to this, I have to remind myself often why I started this journey when things get hard, I started because of my health, my skin and that im a bit of a negative person and with everything else I have wrong with me I didn’t want to look fat too, my grandson means the world to me and although im a very young nan my body tells me otherwise which is a shame so I need to keep slim,trim and energetic to have a long and fun life with him x

  7. Brenda Cox says:

    I started because i want to see a new me.

  8. Brenda Cox says:

    Four and a half pounds off

  9. Val Price says:

    When you feel like quitting think about why you started – this is excellent advice and I have used this myself. I remind myself how far I have come and the amount of weight I have lost, it hasn’t always been an easy journey, so why would I quit and undo all that hard work ? Everyone has their own reasons for why they started their New You Plan journey, but we all have done this because we need to lose weight. Nobody wants to quit and put all the weight back on, but it is also about re-educating yourself to eat healthily during your refeeds , and to get in to go eating habits once you get to your target weight. I am not a quitter and I am determined to succeed !

  10. michelle flood says:

    When I think about quitting, I think about why I started, but what I also do is try to bring myself back to how I felt when I couldnt stop eating bad food and how tired I felt in myself and my body! I feel so much better since starting the New You plan, more energy and self control and I dont feel like a slave to sweets or bad food anymore!

  11. Jilly Richards says:

    when i feel like quitting I remember the reason why I started was to get my mojo back,I am a confident person but was not happy with the weight I had put on since retirement, age is just a number ,and I have a lot of healthy living to do,and to look good doing it, god willing in the future ,:)

  12. Dawn says:

    When I feel like giving up, I just think this is better than eating all the rubbish I was eating before. Even if I don’t loose weight in the week, I am eating better. So that in itself is better than nothing.

  13. Catherine Kelly says:

    This plan, is straight forward, no second guessing no wondering! If it’s not on the plan it doesn’t go in your mouth! Simple! That for me has made this way of losing weight actually achievable . The black and white approach as in you are either on the diet or your not had meant that not once did I feel like quitting! The wit works means that you know you can’t fool yourself or you don’t have the option of. Bad choices. Through the SS Facebook page, I could follow those who were really successful on the plan, their secret, just do it as prescribed….it works! So probably for the first time ever, “When you feel like quitting, remember why you started” hasn’t applied to me!!!

  14. Caro Hewitt says:

    I totally relate to this – keeps me going on the tough days.


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