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Ellie’s VLCD Blog – Day 25*

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Ellie’s VLCD Blog – Day 25

Hey Everyone,

Sorry for being so quiet the last few days. I have been keeping myself super busy with work, gym and socialising. At the minute my days are just packed out and I actually quite like it that way it keeps me busy and my head focused. I cannot believe that I a soo far into my journey and I feel absolutely wonderful.

I have started to go to the gym now 4 times a week which feels great, I am keeping my mind focused and I am feeling so determined to get fit and healthy and I am loving it.  I am finding it easy to take my 4 products each day however with the cold weather and feeling cold all the time my water has been a little bit of a struggle but I am drinking more than 3 litres so its not too bad. I cannot believe after the weekend I will be weighing in for the 4th time. I have my fingers crossed for some positive results. On Wednesday I had been given a special treat from one of my favourite people, I was treated to a few hours in a beauty parlour getting a massage and facial. My first time doing this and I feel so chilled out and relaxed. I would highly recommend anyone to go if they would like a little chill time.

On Wednesday I had my second webinar which was awesome. They really get me exited for the days ahead and all the lovely people that join me really help to motivate and get me BUZZING! If you would like some Wednesday Motivation the link to sign up is below. You will even receive reminder emails and it will take place on Wednesday 5th February at 20:30 …. alternatively if you would like to see what a webinar is like I will post it below for you to have a watch. I LOVE IT!!! WOOHOO!!! I really would love you all to join me!! 🙂

 Click here to register for Ellie’s Webinar on the 05-02-2013 @ 20:30

The weekend is almost here AGAIN and I have actually not too much planned. I have been super busy that I am going to have a chilled out few days. I enjoyed the cinema so much last week I think I might just have to go again haha maybe VIP seat also. Saturday will consist of a football match and getting my hair done then just chill with some friends. Sunday is my lazy day so if the weather is as bad as it is now, I think it will be a DVD day!

Thank you all for helping me on my journey. I am really enjoying it and truly am waking up every morning with a smile. I can feel myself changing and I am loving the changes. My body is shaping up nicely, my skin is a lot clearer and I just feel wonderful within myself. I really hope that you are feeling just as good as I am. Just remember you are on a special journey…. enjoy it!

Have a great 100% positive weekend 🙂

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8 Responses

  1. Julz says:

    Have a great weekend Ellie!! You will be rocking those jeans in no time xxxx

  2. well done ellie you are doing great enjoy your weekend x

  3. Grant Grant says:

    Well done this week Ellie, we are all so very proud of you 🙂

  4. diane jebb says:

    well done ellie , have a lovely weekend 🙂 x