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New You Plan Customer Review, Tasha: “Only 1st* to go!”

*Results may vary. This is not a guarantee Woohooooo, after a few rocky weeks… I’m back!!!! So I have been off plan for a couple of weeks due to the fact that I had really hurt my back and with the meds the doctor had given me, I had to eat conventional food. I was so upset that I had to come off plan as I was doing so so well! Anyway, when I came off plan I followed the refeed guide and thankfully I had only gained 3lb which I was thrilled about. This gives me total reassurance that when I reach my target weight and go into refeed, I […]

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[GUEST BLOG: TASHA]: “36.5lbs GONE* thanks to New You!”

*Results may vary. This is not a guarantee It’s me again!!!!!! So I had my week 9 weigh in this week and I lost 1lb. While a lot of people will think that 1 pound is nothing… I disagree! It is! I am still losing weight and I know I am dropping inches all over! I bought new clothes two weeks ago and they are already baggy on me! I’m losing inches everywhere!!! I only have 3lbs to go and then I will of lost 3 stone in total! I’m buzzing… YAYYYYYYYYY!!! Even if it is 1lb or 10lb, a loss is a loss and the scales are going in the […]

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35.5lbs lost in just 8 weeks* with The New You Plan

*Results may vary. This is not a guarantee Wooooohoooooo!!! It’s me again and I’m 35.5lbs lighter! I’m really enjoying sharing my journey on our blog. I loved reading everyone else’s success stories at the start of my journey and they really helped me, but now I am writing my own blog and it gives me the little tingly feeling inside that I could be helping you with yours. I’m going to tell you what products have kept me going throughout my 8 weeks on plan. My absolute fav meal at the moment is the Cottage Pie made into balls as well as the Vegetable Chili. I went to the supermarket […]

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Team Tasha – our very own Tasha shares her New You Plan journey*

  *Results may vary. This is not a guarantee. I’m sure many of you already know the lovely Tasha, who is part of our customer service team at The New You Plan. Tasha plays an active roll in our exclusive Secret Slimmers Facebook group, motivating, inspiring and helping others on the plan. She has recently begun her own New You Plan journey and will be sharing her experience weekly. This week we catch up with Tasha who talks about her reasons behind her decision to lose weight. Tasha, you spend so much time chatting to, motivating and inspiring others on the plan. What led to you deciding to start your […]

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