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[GUEST BLOG: TASHA]: “36.5lbs GONE* thanks to New You!”

[GUEST BLOG: TASHA]: “36.5lbs GONE* thanks to New You!”

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It’s me again!!!!!!

So I had my week 9 weigh in this week and I lost 1lb. While a lot of people will think that 1 pound is nothing… I disagree! It is! I am still losing weight and I know I am dropping inches all over! I bought new clothes two weeks ago and they are already baggy on me! I’m losing inches everywhere!!! I only have 3lbs to go and then I will of lost 3 stone in total! I’m buzzing… YAYYYYYYYYY!!!

Tasha 2Even if it is 1lb or 10lb, a loss is a loss and the scales are going in the right direction …. DOWN! With only 3lbs to lose I am going to try really hard to get it off for next Monday. I am going to go swimming every morning and I am also going to try and up my water over the weekend. I really did struggle to get reach my recommended water intake so I have my 3 litres with me today and I have set myself a target to drink another 1.5 when I get home from work. I just keep thinking I willlllll be skinny!

Only three more weeks until I have to come off plan for refeed. I am nervous and excited at the same time. I started buying some meat a few weeks ago, so it is in my freezer, ready to go! It will stop me from going out and buying naughty foods! I’m so determined to look amazing at this wedding. I tried on a dress last week, which is a tight dress and there is only the last wee bit of belly that I’m still not comfortable with so with the swimming and my home exercises, it is going to be well on its way!

Tasha 3The thing I love most about losing weight is the compliments! Everyone keeps telling me how well I look and that they can’t believe how much weight I have lost. I love it! I’m wearing clothes that I wouldn’t have worn before. I was wearing jeans and baggy jumpers to hide my stomach but now I’m wearing t-shirts, and open jackets. I don’t have much to hide now and I’m loving it! I am excited for the sun to shine so I can get a wee vest top on! I can’t wait for the warm days and wee trips to the beach. I’m so glad I started the plan when I did because it means I can enjoy my summer knowing that I am going to be walking around happy with my body!

Check back next week to see if I got those 3lbs off and reaching my 3 stone target! x

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