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Tasha blog 5 – Week 5, Total loss 24lb – week loss 2lbs

24lbs Gone!!! I am So Excited with my weight loss – I am feeling so much better in myself and I can really start to see the difference!! Can you??  Hey guys ???? Hope you have all had a fab week ?? So I had my 5th weigh in on Tuesday and I had lost another 2lbs!! I am over the moon with this! Last weekend my water intake was really bad, but the reason for this is because I was spending a lot of the time travelling and there is nothing worse than needing the toilet and not having one to go to, so I was unable to drink as much […]

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Tasha blog 4 – Week 4, Total loss 22lb – week loss 6lbs

‘I DID IT AGAIN!! I have lost ANOTHER 6lbs this WEEK!!!! That is 3 weeks in a row – I am so buzzing with my results and I am just so happy all the time!!!!   I have stayed 100% from the start of my journey and I am feeling fab!!!   Today I am going to Answer some of the questions that we ask our slimmers in their interviews just so you can get to know a little more about me! 1) Mini profile! – My Name is Natasha Hynes aka Tasha  – I am from Northern Ireland  – I am 24 years old  – I work for The […]

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Tasha blog 3 – Week 3, Total loss 16lb – week loss 6lbs

  I DID IT!! I am absolutely BUZZING, Stood on the scales on Tuesday for my 3rd weigh in and guess what – I lost ANOTHER 6lbs!!! You know what that means??? I AM 16lbs DOWN!!!! BOOOOOOOOYAAAAAAAAAA I Feel So AMAZING, I am absolutely loving life, I was so excited to see 15Stone 10lbs on the scales – I was jumping for joy and I have had a smile on my face ever since!!! Last week was a really easy week for me my routine is working well and my water is going down a treat, I am determined more than ever and I wasnt this So so bad!!!!   We all know […]

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Tasha blog 3 – Week 2, Total loss 10lb – week loss 6lbs

  WOOOOOHOOOOOOO I weighed in this week and guess what …… I LOST 6lbs!!!! BOOOOYAAAAAAAAA!! I feel AMAZING I can’t believe that I am now into my 3rd week!! Last week I was at my boyfriend’s house and his mum was making my favourite dish and I was actually thinking to myself it smells so good but I didn’t actually want it, something then triggered in my head and I just kept thinking why ruin what I have done so far? What is the point? It isn’t going to make me feel better. So I sat at the table with them and I had my New You pancakes! I felt […]

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Tasha Blog 2 – Week 2 4lbs down – More determined than ever!

    Hi Guys 🙂 🙂 Tasha again.       Last week I gave you a run down of my first few days on plan because I know they can be hard but it is always totally possible to get past the struggle. If you missed my opening blog last week, CLICK HERE to have a quick read of why I started back on the plan, my light bulb moment and how the first dew days were for me. This week has been AMAZING I had a few struggles last weekend but I was able to get past it and remember why I wanted to lose weight so bad!! I am going […]

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Tasha is on a mission to lose 5 Stone 12lbs with The New You Plan!

  Blog Written By Tasha Hynes     Hi Guys ?? My name is Tasha, I work for The New You Plan and I am on a mission!! I lost my mojo back in September which resulted in myself gaining weight 🙁 I want to share with you how I felt and how this impacted on my life. By losing control I felt like I had failed, I was unhappy and sluggish. I did not want to go out because I did not feel comfortable in anything I wore even if I splashed out on new clothes nothing would work to make me feel good. I was on medication for personal […]

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[Guest blog: Tasha] “52lbs GONE and I’m ready to smash my next goal!”*

*Results may vary. This is not a guarantee. Hi guys! I am back and partially doing the diet. So far I have lost 52lbs and I’m ready to smash my next goal! I am having my 3 New You Plan products a day plus an evening meal because I have another event this weekend and then I am going on holidays next week. EEEEEEKKKKKKKKK I’m so excited … I am going to Poland to educate myself, I cannot wait!!! Once I get back from holidays I will be back on plan for a few weeks before my birthday and ANOTHER wedding! I’m really looking forward to getting lots of new clothes. […]

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[Guest blog Tasha] “I’ve reached my first goal & I’m loving the New Me!”*

*Results may vary. This is not a guarantee. HIIIIIIYAAAAAAAAAA! I hope you have all had an amazing weekend… I know I did! So the wedding has been and gone. I had such an amazing day ! I love getting pampered and having my hair done. It was so nice and it’s not often that I get myself all done up, but I do think I scrub up well. I can be a girlie girl when I want too! So I thought I was going to get an up hair style but then I was like nope, I want curls so I got curls. I was afraid of looking chubby. I used […]

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[GUEST BLOG: TASHA]: “3 stone 10 pounds GONE forever thanks to The New You Plan”*

HIYAAAAAAAAAA! So I had my weigh in on Thursday morning and I have lost another 10 whopping pounds*! I’m sooooo happy. I started refeed last Friday as the wedding I am attending is this Friday. I am loving it! I have been counting my calories and writing down what I’m eating just to keep myself on track. I still have my New You Snacks and Hazelnut Bar and I don’t think I am ever going to be able to leave them! They are sooooo tasty! *Results may vary. This is not a guarantee I didn’t really take many full length pictures of myself because I was embarrassed to have my photo taken! In […]

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[GUEST BLOG: TASHA] “Two dress sizes dropped* and counting!”

*Results may vary. This is not a guarantee I DID IT … I got my dress for the wedding! It is a size 12 but it is a little bit baggy in some areas and the size 10 is too tight and uncomfortable. You can’t win with some shops can you?! I was going to put a photo up and show you all but I am going to drag it out a little and tease you all, lol. I have everything sorted now! I just can’t wait for my pamper session. I love how confident I am feeling! I am going to get my spray tan next week in an […]

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