Woohoo Lost 5 pounds this week! That’s 5 stone 5 pounds BANISHED!*

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To say I am a happy bunny today would be an under statement.  I was delighted to see that I had lost 5 pounds this week (I was due a big weight loss) and that brings me to a total lost of 5 stone 5 pounds lost on the new you plan.

Yesterday I went to Wallis and bought a few size 12 tops and they fit me perfectly, infact I was going to keep them for the weekend as we are going away, but I am in such a good mood today that I decided to get dressed up so I am wearing one of them now!

I am still size 14 in my jeans, but they are getting more roomy by the day, so hopefully I will be in size 12 soon enough, I have some size 12 jeans from before, so hopefully I will be wearing them very soon!

It is Isabella’s Christening in 3 weeks time, so I have started thinking about what I am going to wear.  Knowing I am in size 12 tops now, is just such a boost for me, as I really wanted to look good for this Christening, and although I am not going to be where I had hoped to be, I am going to be pretty close and I am feeling excited about it.

I hope you have a great week, and if you want to join me on my weight loss journey, I would love to have you with us.  I am in Secret Slimmers everyday, so come and join us, we have over 200 members in this active community who are all losing weight with new you diet meal replacements!  Its great encouragement!

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