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WINNER: Anne-Marie shares how she lost 3st 10lbs & WON £2000 cash

WINNER: Anne-Marie shares how she lost 3st 10lbs & WON £2000 cash

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Anne-Marie lost 3st 10lbs and won first place in our Jan/Feb Transformation Challenge. She was absolutely delighted when she found out! But entering the challenge was never about winning for Anne-Marie – her goal was to inspire others! Her, she shares how her life has changed & amazing advice for anyone thinking of starting the plan.

A MASSIVE congratulations, Anne-Marie

New You: What was your biggest motivator for joining the challenge?

Anne-Marie: All I wanted, through what feels like the majority of my adult life, was someone who was honest about their journey, including both the highs the lows & the impact on their daily life. I guess, I just wanted someone who got where I was coming from. So if by putting myself out there helps just one person then that’s enough for me. My stand out moment has been leaving the safety net of the Secret Slimmers page and starting my own public Instagram for my journey. You have to keep pushing yourself otherwise you end up stood still, so I’m certainly pushing out of my own comfort zone!!

New You: To kick things off, can your tell us about your weight loss?

Anne-Marie: Yes! I’ve lost 3 stone 10lb since the very end of June 2022, so I’ve gone from 13 stone 10lb to 10 stone!!

New You: We’d love to know how you found our plan?

Anne-Marie: I had seen New Plan across social media but never believed I could do it. I had to reach the bottom before I felt like I had nothing to lose.

New You: Many customers mention this feeling of hitting rock-bottom before starting the plan.

Anne-Marie: Yes! Before taking the plunge into the New You family I was feeling lost and alone. I made excuses for not going out and plastered on my fake smile. Yet on the inside I was trapped, not just in my body but in my mind. I had convinced myself that I wasn’t good enough or strong enough to change…so what was the point in failing?!

Getting started…

New You: Let’s go back to your very first week. This can be crucial for so many people. How did it go for you?

Anne-Marie: Now I’m not going to lie, my first week wasn’t easy, but it also wasn’t as hard as I had thought it would be! It’s hard to get out of the mindset of self doubt but with the support of my Secret Slimmers I hung on in there. The headaches passed and by day 5 and I was already starting to repeat the mantra of “I’ve got this!” Not feeling hungry was also a bonus – the meals kept me going along with all the tips of enjoying extras such as Bouillon and jelly (made from New You Water Flavourings) of course! I never used to drink water, but suddenly I couldn’t get enough and my skin was loving every drop!

The meals…

New You: Everyone has their favourite meals & snacks. What are yours?

Anne-Marie: As I’ve travelled along my journey I’ve found my favourite packs. It really does keep you on track when you know you’re going to enjoy your day’s meals! I love the Spicy Noodles – they are so tasty! One of my go to combos is Porridge with a Shake thrown in… it’s so filling and really hits the spot. Snack wise I love the Salt and Vinegar crisps, and the Wafers are amazing – some days I eat half the pack in a morning with a brew and the other half in an afternoon. Other days I snaffle the full pack in the blink of an eye haha. I’m maintaining on the Switch version of the plan at the moment so I have two TFR days per week (Monday and Friday), just to keep me on a balanced level as I work out what works for me!!! A typical TFR day for me would be:

  • One New You water bottle as soon as I get up
  • Coffee (of course!)
  • More water throughout the morning and then I have my first pack at 12:30, usually porridge or mushroom soup as I need something quick, yet filling on a work day!!
  • Another bottle of water throughout the afternoon and then at 3:30 it’s coffee (again!) with New You Water Flavourings made into jelly. These are soooo yummy, especially Red Berries and it counts towards your water intake…bonus!
  • 5pm is Spicy Noodles followed by the Chocolate Brownie with a warm Vanilla Shake custard….heaven!
  • I have another bottle of water with my tea and then another after my workout!
  • Depending on my mood I add either Crisps, or the Wafers into my day if and when needed!!!

The plan is so versatile and adaptable it’s a game changer!

On Switch, I have planned out my March with boost, nourish and if I have any occasion days I add an extra boost day in there depending on how much of an occasion it was hahaha! I’m building up my own personal recipe book with meals that I like but also I know what is in them already!! Sticking with mainly high protein but I’m not afraid of carbs etc, I just now know thanks to all the guidance it’s how you balance everything out over the week! Planning really is key!!!

Life changing results

New You: Has the plan made a difference to any areas of your life? 

Anne-Marie: I’ve found my spark again and I refuse to let anyone put it out, even myself! Yes at times it may flicker but I now know how to power it right back up! I’ve changed my mindset by being kind to myself – it’s totally OK to not be ok, just allow yourself time to process and then get back up.

I’ve also got back into exercise… I know, I know, shocking behaviour!! I’ve so much more energy now and less pressure on my dodgy back and creaky knees. My first run being 3st 10lb lighter was an experience to say the least, I kept on looking down for the bits that used to bounce around!!

After my full hysterectomy 5 years ago and then my back surgery last June, I am so proud of myself. I’ve found my inner me again, the one who wants to live, not just survive…

New You: You look amazing! The compliments must be rolling in…

Anne-Marie: I find compliments baffling sometimes, as there’s still that little bit of me that’s like “awww shucks guys!!” Ha! Yet on my 41st birthday to be told I had aged in reverse this year had me grinning from ear to ear!! Being called an inspiration is overwhelming as I’m just Anne-marie being ..well…Anne-marie!! But I do appreciate all the lovely comments and they definitely fill up my happy tank!!!

Advice on getting started…

New You: Any words of wisdom for someone thinking of starting the plan?

Anne-Marie: Always, always take a breath… stop overthinking…it really isn’t about “what if I fail?”. There is no failing, yes there’s stumbles but then you get back up and learn from it. Life happens, all we can do is keep on going forwards.

Always focus on your own journey. Yes, gather tips, lift each other up…but do not compare yourself to others – you are unique in body and in mind. Only YOU have the power to transform yourself. It’s not easy, I have days I struggle, but that’s OK because the difference with The New You Plan is the support that is free and ALWAYS available. The team treat you as an individual, not just a customer. The outpouring of love from people you have never met fills you with the strength that was always inside you, it just needed a little nudge. So even though its hard, you are NEVER alone and believe me, YOU are MORE than worth it!!!!

Feel Inspired?

Anne-Marie was inspired by the results of others on the Plan and now she has shared her own story in the hope that it will do the same for someone else.

Whether you want to lose half a stone or 10 stone, have a slimmer figure, or are just looking to get maximum nutrition in minimum time, then New You can make the perfect partner to get you to where you want to be.

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